Tiina Kivelä Creative

Hei (that’s hi in Finnish) may I help you?

I am Tiina, manager of this website and business called Tiina Kivelä Creative.

Always up for creating great experiences with the highest quality and care.

Be it more or less creative solutions, well thought plans and strategies, great content, adventures, mountains, marathons, WordPress -sites, luxury life and travel or well organised files and sheets – I am here for you. 

Helping you do better — branding, content, events, digital marketing, projects and travel — boosting efficiency and influence, and creating amazing experiences and needed solutions. 

If you would like to co-create with me or you want to gear up your creations, please send me a message: help@tiinakivela.com & check out my LinkedIn profile for more detailed work-related information & stories. 

For more info, have a look at my Portfolio or bio – or read here more about me and my business.

Tiina Kivelä Creative




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