• Postcard From Luzern

    Tiina Kivelä

    “Whatever you’re meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible.” 

    © Doris Lessing

    Where: Vierwaldstättersee, Luzern, Switzerland

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  • Ride The Alps 2018 – Car Free Alpine Classics For Cyclists

    Tiina Kivelä

    As the story goes, I still have no roadbike. But luckily dreaming is free and the ones with the bikes can find the following information more than valuable (sharing is caring <3). The ones, who know what we talk when we talk of Furka pass, Grimsel pass, Susten pass, Peloton, Tour de France and Giro d’Italia. For the ones, these roadcyckling passionates, maybe even you, Switzerland offers now Ride the Alps 2018.

    Ride the Alps will reserve the best of these passes only for cyclists, on designated dates from May to September 2018. You read right – on designated dates (in here and below), the maginificent roads will be car free, for cyclist only. For once you don’t need to worry of the cars on the sometimes very narrow roads, leading up and down through the magnificent Swiss landscape – for once, it’s all up to you and your bike.

    So, start planning and hold your horses bikes untill these dates. Or well, maybe some exercise labs prior May would be a good idea too.

    Get the overview of the dates and passes below, and click yourself to the My Switzerland Ride The Alps -site for more information. I’m also more than up to this challenge, so drop me a message if you’re going and let’s see if I manage to get a bike to the line as well.

    Ride the Alps – Events 2018


    Ride the Alps Susten – Meiringen – 26.5.2018


    UNICEF Cycling for Children – Crans-Montana – 9.6.2018

    Chasing Cancellara – Andermatt – 24.6.2018


    Ride the Alps vaudoises – Villars-sur-Ollon – 1.7.2018

    Granfondo San Gottardo – Ambrì 22.7.2018


    Tour des Stations – Verbier –11.8.2018


    slowUp Mountain Albula – Bergün / Bravuogn – 2.9.2018

    Challenge Davos Festival – Davos Dorf – 16.9.2018

    La Désalpe – Reichenbach Finhaut – 16.9.2018

    FreiPass Klausen Pragel – Linthal–  22.9.2018 – 23.9.2018

  • Serious Symptoms Of Bike Fever

    Tiina Kivelä

    That time of the year again. Looking around, looking old pics, and thinking that damn, biking would be sooooo nice again.

    For the reasons stupid enough not to write down, I have no bike available though. So all I can do is shiver in my fever and think how cool it would be to get that heart really pumping on these mountain passes and the knuckles white on the downhill switchbacks.

    Anyone in the same situation? Is there any other cure than to walk to the store and get the bike? Or click it in the online basket?

    Ps. Funny to think that just a little over a month ago I was biking in falling into the fluffy snow in Lapland… And apparently, up there it’s still the best xcskiing season…

    Where: Grindelwald / Grosse Scheidegg summer of 2016