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    Tiina Kivelä Creative Switzerland

    Anyone else has the same problem?

    At first everything is well organised and filed with logical coding and then…

    Come few more years, and you find Interlaken 2017 pics in the same file as skiing in Norway 2012 pics  (= while destroying some files to make more space to the new software update).

    Oh well, might be just me. Nevertheless, now it’s all organised again and good thing is I also found the gems I was initially looking for. Like this.

    It was a very good bike ride to the beach.

    Where: 2017 Lake Thun, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

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  • Postcard From Yesterday By Lake Thun

    Tiina Kivelä

    Greetings from yesterday at Lake Thun.

    You see the pyramid there? That mountain, Niesen, happens to hold the world’s longest stairway (to heaven).

    And like you see, the lake is just magnificent for sunrise and sunset chilling, even now when the summer’s over already, and you need down jacket and beanie to keep you warm.

    Although for romantic moments like this, a human radiator would be a better idea. Or coat so warm (yes, I do like today’s news).

    Congratulations Bob. 

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  • Jetsetliv At Jungfrau Region

    Tiina Kivelä

    There are good friends. And then there are very good friends. Who ask “You wanna go for a helicopter ride?” on a Sunday morning. And off we went. Me tired from Saturday’s hike; from Wengen along the famous downhill slope to Laubernhorn and from there to a traditional hiker lunch at Chalet Eiger Nordwand (melted cheese – so simple and so good!) in Kleine Scheideggen, then up to Männlichen, cable car down to Grindelwald and after hike beer while watching the town buzzing of Eiger Bike Challenge in the August heat wave.

    Tiina Kivelä

    Tiina Kivelä

    Tiina Kivelä

    Tiina Kivelä

    Tiina Kivelä

    Tiina Kivelä


    All this hiking and the heat has had me planning a lazy beach day for the Sunday, but since you can’t say no to offers like “do you wanna fly today” I soon found myself up in over 4000, with views as good as Mont Blanc.Have to say – skydiving is one the most interesting jobs one can have, and maybe one day I make my down with only a parachute myself. But not yet – today I just enjoyed the ride and was safe and sound with Swiss Helicopters.

    Tiina Kivelä

    Tiina Kivelä


    After the ride and with the help of the adrenaline rush, I decided to continue enjoying the amazing weather to the fullest and rode my bike (heavy mountain bike – not the best option for bitumi and tunnels and scenic roads really, but a very good exercise machine) to Merligen, where they have this amazing infinity pool by Lake Thun. I even found a Wellness & Spa Hotel Beatus, which seems to offer saunas I often dream about. Next staycation destination maybe ? Changing the mtb to road bike or Fiat 500 and a little drive for a evening swin, sauna, sunset dinner, good night sleep and champagne breakfast by the lake….  .

    Tiina Kivelä

    Tiina Kivelä

    What this weekend proved is that for a perfect holiday one don’t need to travel far from home, if and when one happens to live in the Bernese Oberland and especially the Jungfrau Region. This was an amazing weekend I can highly recommend my home for your active relaxing holiday too. More detailed tips when asked.

    Take care!

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    Kleine ScheideggenChalet Eiger Nordwand

    GrindelwaldAppenzeller Bio Weizebier 

    Skydive Interlaken

    Interlaken Activities*

    Swiss Helicopter

    Strandbad Merligen

    Wellness & Spa Hotel Beatus 

    * Booking a skydive or something else from Interlaken Activities? Say greetings from Tiina and you may get some discount.