• Get Up – Rock Climbing In Interlaken

    After almost a year here in the adventure capital called Interlaken, I still find almost every day a new thing to be amazed and learn more of in here. This Sunday, after the “I say this third time, but still” last (resort) skiing day of the season, the new thing was rock climbing. I’ve done some indoor bouldering previously and always been fascinated by the “real” climbing. And for this summer, with the help of dear friends who know more than I, I’ve decided to pick up the rock climbing.

    Tiina Kivelä

    If you aren’t yet up to climbing itself, I can also recommend just hanging around rocks and cracks. The climbers are cool people and when the most talented and well-trained gets up, it’s like watching a dancer performing a unique and beautiful choreography. Myself I’m now lucky to have a friend who guides me to this world for free, but there’s also lots of options to choose from when you want to hire a guide. Just google or call your friend, to spend an awesome day outdoors like we did. Highly recommended.

    Next time though, I need to do less bullshit (when I’m nervous, I talk and swear a lot) and more climb; concentrate more on the rock that is. And I also need to build up some muscles, especially the small hand ones (yes, again one more thing to motivate me to do things and exercise, which is more than ok).

    And maybe one day I look as peaceful hanging up there as these guys.

    Tiina Kivelä

    Ps. RIP Ueli. Today I gave the north face of Eiger a long look, thinking of you and all the ways you have inspired and pushed the limits. I’ve seen you running here and most likely you’ve been also climbing these same routes and I hope you knew how much you’ve inspired so many people. I’ll most likely not climb the north face myself; nevertheless I apply your spirit to my own kind of doing almost every day. 

    Where: Unterseen/Interlaken, Switzerland