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Mountains & Mountain People

Mountains & Mountain People

In 2015 I traveled to Engelberg for a little camp, which eventually became one of the most significant travels of mine. It cannot be proved how exactly it did what it did. But still I would like to say that especially because of that trip […]

La Grave – The Art Of Getting “Extreme”

La Grave – The Art Of Getting “Extreme”

Once upon a time in La Grave.  This past January I traveled to La Grave. The La Grave. For I needed a break, a holiday and to get “extreme” – steep skiing, couloir skiing and lagraving (who knows, knows). It was exactly as challenging and enhancing as […]



There are these places which just have to be visited; places like Verbier. For me, it all started years ago, when getting really into freeskiing and learning of these legendary places like Chamonix, Verbier, St. Anton etc. Where mountains are big, where extreme is the real extreme, and where the after ski is really deserved.

I still haven’t done any proper ski bum season in the Alps, as I planned some years ago, and for which I tried to learn French and German without much luck (but someday, baby, someday). There came other dreams and other plans, but still, the places were always there, especially in my dreams. And then I moved to Switzerland. Not for bumming really, but at some point I ended up bumming in Verbier, for a while at least.

It was, or well should have been, the FWT finals on that weekend in the end of March; Swatch Xtreme Verbier 2017. Unfortunately, for the lack of snow and for the strong winds, they could only run the junior race during that weekend, and we had only the weekend free to stay there. Nevertheless, it was a good trip. Drinking very good wine, eating very good burgers, and meeting the legends, the world champions and other weekend warriors, and dancing the night away. It was lovely and krhm. very Scandinavian, as Verbier is, and I sure need to get back there for some more of the good vibes.

Below you may see Bec Des Rosses, which you should know if you know anything about the hardcore freeskiing. I don’t think I’ll never ski it myself, but en place it really impresses, and scares, even the mere spectator, giving that funny feeling in the stomach, just by watching it from distance… And I can only imagine how it feels to really ski it down; huge respect for the ones who can do it. Nevertheless, the other slopes and off piste areas of Verbier offer nice moderate challenges for us who are more for the comfortable kind of skiing.

Verbier is about high-level extreme, but it’s also about high-level life quality. So if you are like me, or even less interested in the skiing, the wine and food and party scene are also more than nice to keep you entertained. Just remember to save some money first.

Eat & Drink Verbier:

Le Shed, Rue de Medran 5

Pub Mont Fort, Chemin de la Tinte 10

Offshore Café, 27 Rue de Medran,

Sleep & Relax:

W Verbier

Wine: Renaissance

 FI: Muutama päivä Verbierissä maaliskuun lopulla. Hyvää viiniä ja ruokaa, legendoja ja skandimeininkiä. Menisin uudelleenkin.