• Where Did Summer Go?

    Tiina Kivelä

    It was right here. Summer I mean. With the very hot and dry days, quiet cities and busy hiking routes. Where did it go? Now it’s all rain and gloomy – September came with extremely September style. Which after this record warm and dry summer is not really a bad thing.

    (Can I have more coffee, please? Yes, you can leave the whole can in the table, thank you…)

    While the changing seasons, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind with life the past weeks. I’ve been to Lapland, then back to Switzerland, enjoyed these views and done a bit of this and that.

    No big adventures or bigger than life thoughts to write down, but I hope you appreciate that I came to say hi, I’m alive. I do have some great plans though, and there should be some good content here soon again. From mountains even. I promise.

    And before that, a few snapshots from August. And Bob.

    (Go to Museum für Gestaltung, Austellungstrasse 60 Zürich, if design, especially Swiss one, is of interest. You’l find Bob and this nice view – and yes, I have a thing with big museum windows.)

    Tiina Kivelä

    Tiina Kivelä

    Tiina Kivelä

    Tiina Kivelä

    Tiina Kivelä


    Horn am Bodensee

    Museum für Gestaltung, Ausstellungsstrasse 60, Zürich

    Landesmuseum, Museumstrasse 2, Zürich


    Tiina Kivelä

    A postcard from Copenhagen.

    Thank you Copenhagen for pretty arrangements and serious Tolix graving. The white, seen here, looks awesome, but so did the anthracite seen in The Union Kitchen. But first, I need to find the place of mine in which to place the seats to have a seat…

    Ps. I’m going to tag all the recent posts, tweets and snapshots on Copenhagen with “notes from cph” or #notesfromcph, so that when you, like me, are highly interested in everything CPH related, you can easily follow and get the best tips, by following the tags. Enjoy! 

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  • Arctic Design Dinner @Korundi Rovaniemi

    Tiina Kivelä

    I’ve been trying to think what to write about Friday. It’s not easy to express in words what we experienced in Rovaniemi on Friday the 26th of February. Simply, it was an amazing dinner at an amazing venue with (and by) many amazing and talented  people. An evening you’d definitely would have liked to spent with us, right there. Urban arctic life at its finest.

    More precisely, it was an event called Arctic Design Dinner at Korundi, produced in cooperation with Arctic Design Week and TWRB Foundation (original idea by my dear friend – you rock girl!). On the venue we (some of whom hungry and tired after intensive work week; some after intensive skiing) were seated in a communal table (a concept I love, btw) in the middle of the STILL / LIFE – Tapio Wirkkala Retrospective Exhibition*, with Wirkkala’s family members, and other interesting and talented persons (yes, I had a fan girl moment, or two). The Lapland themed (and Wirkkala inspired) dinner menu was created by Lapland Hotels Master Chef  Tero Mäntykangas, and the food and drinks were served on Tapio Wirkkala designed dinnerware and glassware; a loan from TWRB Foundation, Wirkkala family and the exhibition.

    The signs of silence are many. Paths split silvery woods without direction. They are reindeer paths, they do not lead anywhere. They weave among fallen trees which no-one will ever pick up, or they end at the lakeside. The water and the hills have no direction either, they are endless.

    I am still in awe about all this, and very grateful and impressed by all these nice gestures which made this evening a perfect one. For me, Tapio Wirkkala’s designs have always played an important part in many of my life’s significant moments. Simply, they are the everyday luxury which remind me of the nature of Finland and especially Lapland, which is very dear for me. And on top of that they are eye-catchingly beautiful. All this, and the Friday evening would not have been more perfect. Surrounded by people and things I love, communal table, fancy but not too fancy setting, excellent dinner, personal stories shared with strangers, after party (and Karaoke) in Hotel Pohjanhovi, dancing and laughing. Pure magic. Only in Lapland.

    It was also a night which reminded me how thankful I am for these people. Friends who get ideas like this, and who work hard for their dreams and visions. And the masters, who passionately do their thing, creating something like this and inspiring others like me to do almost the same. Now the only problem is that I should find out what I wanna do as passionately… And why can’t I have this every weekend? **

    Thanks for the food and company and experience, Rovaniemi. You were amazing again.

    Tiina Kivelä

    Monet ovat hiljaisuuden merkit. Polut hopeisessa metsässä. Ne ovat poropolkuja. Ne eivät johda minnekään. Ne pujottelevat kaatuneiden puiden lomassa, puiden joita kukaan ei nosta, tai ne loppuvat järvenrantaan. Vedellä ja kukkuloilla ei ole suuntaa, ne ovat äärettömiä.

    *Produced by the TWRB foundation and designed by Harri Koskinen. 

    **I have a secret though. What comes to themed dinners in Rovaniemi museums, there’s more to come. Stay tuned. And you can always propose something to Korundi if you have your own idea. Moreover, you can see the Wirkkala exhibition next at Siida in Inari, from where it continues to various locations in Finland and abroad. Highly recommended. More info here.

    ***Quote: Tapio Wirkkala 1972