• Why I Keep On Running

    Thunersee by Tiina Kivelä

    I run to catch moments like these. By the lake, just before sunset, snowy mountain tops turning pink, air fresh and only sound from nature.

    Simple as that. And well I may keep on running also to keep my activity levels up, and body and mind fit. In addition, now after almost 6 months here, I have to thank Interlaken for offering so nice environment for this habit of mine.

    That’s quality of life right here.

    Tiina Kivelä

    Where: Naturschutzgebiet Weissenau

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  • Postcard From Yesterday By Lake Thun

    Tiina Kivelä

    Greetings from yesterday at Lake Thun.

    You see the pyramid there? That mountain, Niesen, happens to hold the world’s longest stairway (to heaven).

    And like you see, the lake is just magnificent for sunrise and sunset chilling, even now when the summer’s over already, and you need down jacket and beanie to keep you warm.

    Although for romantic moments like this, a human radiator would be a better idea. Or coat so warm (yes, I do like today’s news).

    Congratulations Bob. 

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  • Coding & Knitting – The Twins

    Tiina Kivelä

    It was Linda Liukas, I think, who said that coding is like knitting. Or that while coding you use the same brain parts as you do when knitting… Nevertheless, this notion must have been the most empowering for me. Because I like knitting and consider myself good at it. And I love everything digital (or almost everything); web design, product design, service design, e-commerce, digital marketing, media and so on. Which require some coding skills, if you wanna do it yourself like I do. Or at least how to employ these effectively; how to customize, how to modify etc.

    I like knitting, both as a relaxation (ever heard of knitfulness?)  and as a way to employ my creativity; to do something concrete. To plan and launch a concrete project in which I use my skills and knowledge to create something new. Which hopefully ends up being amazing (though there are times when it doesn’t go as planned – and that’s educating too).  And I’ve figured out that if coding is like knitting I should love coding too. Something known and something foreign.  Though I guess it’s bit more demanding and challenging. Nothing to do with mindfulness there. Especially since I’ve been knitting since I was a child, whilst we got our first computer years later, since I haven’t had anything to do with coding until recently. Yes, I’m not the lucky girl born who was born say seven years ago, who now gets coding lessons already at elementary school, and maybe even got them already at kindergarten.

    Tiina Kivelä

    For now I’m still doing more knitting than coding. But maybe some day… And after more coffee.

    And talking about that normalization of deviance yesterday… I  should admit I don’t live like I preach, or should I say I don’t sleep like I should. I don’t sleep like a “normal” (Finnish) person should sleep. I’ve let myself get used to staying up and working late, missing the critical daylight and office hours the next morning by sleeping late.  Though I don’t really mind the Finnish office hours, since I have very little to do with them these days. But still, this doesn’t do good for me. And the daylight! That’s something I shouldn’t miss.

    Having said that, time to go out. It’s beautiful winter wonderland out (t)here so no time to waste. Have a nice week and if you have any ideas how to start (learning) coding easily (from home), please feel to tip me about it.

    Tiina Kivelä