Tiina Kivelä

Media & Collaborations

For my online media Girl From The North Country, and as a independent content creator and writer, I happily work in collaboration with destinations, products and services in travel, outdoors and new luxury in mutually benefiting collaborations (marked with * in here).

For a brief introduction of what I do, why I do and for whom I do, please have a look at the blog categories and previous posts, my Instagram feed and media kit (below). Then consider if the things I create content of (which is the things my readers and followers are interested as well) align with your (business or cause) interests, products and services. 

In example, if you/your business have something to do with outdoor activities (products and services for hiking, mountaineering, mountaibiking, skiing etc.), new luxury (services and products, hotels, tech), transformative experiences (travel, wellness, personal development), which might interest me and my readers and followers, I am more than happy to help. In example, I would be happy to create authentic, inspiring, engaging content to be published in here or in your own media. Occasionally, I also write for other publications and press. 

For more detailed requests and questions, contact help(at)tiinakivela.com.

Media kit: click here.