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by Tiina Kivelä Creative

Hei (that’s hi in Finnish) may I help you?

Tiina Kivelä Creative is a small business & side hustle. Delivering great luxurious sustainable

experiences, travel and content 

– with the highest quality & care –

for business, people and causes. 

Founded & managed by Tiina Kivelä – M. Soc. Sci. specialising in tourism research & marketing

+ some additional courses, certificates & practical training)

& working mainly online. 

Prices for content creation, consulting and other services starting from 40€/h and 500€/day. 

For questions & inquiries  –

please send a message: help@tiinakivela.com &

check Facebook, LinkedInportfolio & bio &

 here more about Tiina Kivelä Creative.

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