Tiina Kivelä Creative Portfolio

Tiina Kivelä Creative Portfolio

Works & Projects

Have a look below for the selected projects and things I have worked in the past with.

Great things since 80’s  – Tiina Kivelä Creative Official est. 2018.

Luxury Action 2018 –

Content creation, marketing etc.

Santa Claus Office / Lapland Safaris Group Ltd 2017-2018

Website update and e-commerce platform launch project coordination – content planning, creation and execution.

TrekkSoft AG 2016-2017

Customer Success & Account Management.

Lapland Chamber of Commerce / Arctic Business Forum 2013 / 2014

Event assistance, communications, social media.

Pyhä-Luosto National Park / Metsähallitus 2014

Project coordination – mobile concept development, content creation, editing, execution.


Misc. Communications, Lobbying, International Relationships

Project management, international cooperation, public speaking, reporting, outreach, event management, workshops, PR…




Content & Concepts

WordPress sites, content and concepts. Photography & Instagram.

Travel and outdoors, lifestyle and new luxury. Etc.