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Adventurer, blogger, creative. Girl from the north country.

If you’re travelin’ in the north country fair...”

Hei! My name is Tiina – with two eyes [sic]. I originally come from the North Country, also known as Finnish Lapland Therefore, I call myself Girl From The North Country. (Also, I do like the song.)

As long as I can remember, I have loved adventuring, creating, traveling and writing (hence this site) and getting the most of this precious little life I have been given. (Thank you mom & dad & love.)

The first 18 years of my life I survived  thrived above the Arctic Circle – in the beautiful, wild Finnish Lapland – after which I started to look ( and go on) great adventures and live in other beautiful places on earth.

I studied a bit of art, a lot of marketing, and got a degree in social sciences specialising in tourism research. Traveled and worked here and there, running after great opportunities and taking photos and writing about those. Because there’s always a story worth sharing, I believe. 

And finally, I found myself in Switzerland – now the most beautiful place for me to live, love and work in.

And now, there’s this blog – Girl From The North Country – and Instagram. For creating, inspiring, sharing and reaching out. And a little business – Tiina Kivelä Creative.

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Always happy to help and do good

/ Tiina