Tiina Kivelä

Tiina Kivelä


If you’re travelin’ in the north country fair...”

Hei! My name is Tiina, and I originally come from the North Country, also known as Finnish Lapland  As long as I remember I have dreamed big and traveled a lot, and on June 2016 I set my camp II in Switzerland, to live the dream.

Currently, I am a full-time explorer and I live between Lapland and Switzerland (or well, literally I live both in Lapland and Switzerland, which I think is just awesome because both are like fairytales come true), and I work with more or less creative projects related to communications, marketing, outdoors, technology and travel.

I also established my own business, Tiina Kivelä Creative, in 2018.

When not adulting working, I love writing, traveling, (trail)running, (mountain)biking, skiing (nordic and free), photography, reading, knitting, eating, sleeping and coffee. Etc.

In this site you also find my blog Girl From The North Country, and you may also check my social media channels for some pics and uncensored opinions.

And to own my authority, I can also say I am professional tourist/explorer, having M. Soc. Sci. in Tourism Research from the University of Lapland. And I happen to know Santa Claus personally. So be nice, always.

Feedback and suggestions, advertisement/press/media inquiries will be kindly accepted:

/ Tiina