Tiina Kivelä

Tiina Kivelä

“I drink good coffee and hang around open places – when nothing is sure, everything is possible”

Hei! My name is Tiina, and I originally come from the North Country, also known as Finnish Lapland 

As long as I remember I have dreamed big and traveled a lot, and on June 2016, I set my basecamp in Switzerland, to follow my dreams and do what really makes me happy – mountains and the quality of life. Currently, I call myself a full-time explorer and weekend warrior, living between Lapland and Switzerland and working with projects related to digital, communications, marketing, project management and outdoors.

When not adulting working , I love writing, traveling, (trail)running, (mountain)biking, (free & nordic)skiing, photography, reading, knitting, eating, sleeping and coffee. From time to time I also like to throw myself into various new challenges and adventures, like surfing, marathon running, rock climbing and mountaineering.

My blog Girl From The North Country, the website tiinakivela.com and my social media channels serve as a logbook for my adventures, and hopefully as a source for inspiration and advice for others. I also happen to be professional tourist/explorer, having M. Soc. Sci. in Tourism Research from the University of Lapland. And I happen to know Santa Claus personally. So be nice, always.

Feedback and suggestions, advertisement/press/media inquiries will be kindly accepted when you send email to : tiinaetc@gmail.com

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