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Girl From The North Country – Tiina Kivelä

If you’re travelin’ in the north country fair...”

First, I will leave an important disclaimer here: I create, edit and write way better than I talk. That level of introvert I am. Girl from the north country – in so many ways. 

The North Country in question here is Finnish Lapland. I was born and raised in 66°N – middle of beatiful nowhere – from where I made my way to Switzerland. And for a bit over 4 years now I have called this mountainous country my home. Not the second, not the other, just home. For I have home in Lapland and Switzerland and both are my home for their own great reasons. 

The most important causes in my life are quality, creativity and responsibility. And the most important aspect of my life is adventure and everything related to a good life: Biking, creating, drawing, knitting, learning, reading, skiing, sleeping, traveling and writing.And as I am always on the look for inspiring stories and pictures myself, as well as for tips on even better life, I have this website now.

In here, you may read some stories and see some snapshots of the good life (and sometimes even of the not so good one). Maybe you get a bit inspired or at least entertained and educated. (Constructive critique is always welcome.)

For my business side, please see Tiina Kivelä Creative and for more visual stories, see my Instagram @tiinaetc . 

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Ps. My real name Tiina – a very typical Finnish name – and I do hope you keep in mind that it really comes with two i’s. Thank you.