• Badi
  • Almost Like A Lake Como Holiday

    Before easter I escaped to my secret countryside retreat, which also acted as the base for some intensive German studying. And it was perfect, with private teacher in the form of one active retired teacher, and a weather like in the best summer days up north. (Wasn’t that hot to compare it to the best Swiss summer days, though it was close.)

    Did learn a lot and rest even more. The learning like in those perfect intensive summer courses in Italy for Italian and Spanish in Spain, and the resting like I really needed at this point. More than 8 hours of sleep every night and active resting in the form of easy gravel biking, yoga and walks in the nature.

    Also it was the days for the first cherry blossoms and the white magnolias. And like always, Vierwaldstättersee – experienced this time hanging by the lake in Weggis and Küssnacht – was pure kitsch. Creating scenes way more exciting than home office cubicles. (Sorry, not sorry).  During these days I also noted how the e-bike is very good invention for the lunching ladies over 65 years of age. For everyone else, I recommend an e-less bike, especially in the mountains. Because trust me, the exercise is what you really need and challenges are the best teachers.

    It was a bit bittersweet week also, because I now enjoyed nice spring days near a place I really hoped (without luck) to be my workplace in the future too. Now I just have to keep on biking around Zug, Cham and Vierwaldstättersee only for fun, and not for commutes and lunch break rides. Which isn’t bad, yet not really hygge.

    I mean, who wouldn’t like to have their afterwork look more often like this?