• Planning Good MTB Trips In Switzerland For Summer

    Graubünden Ferien / Gaudenz Danuser

    That time of the year. Bike fever. And fairs and dreams. 

    In Helsinki, they had this weekend the annual GoExpo fair for outdoors business and activities, mountain biking included. Also the Finnish outdoor destination of the year award was announced there, this year with a mountain biking theme. And the winner of the year – Ylläs in Finnish Lapland – has definitely done great job the past years developing the year-around mountain biking possibilities in the destination (including the ski resort Ylläs and nearby Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park )

    As a Northern Finn in Switzerland, I am also happy of the direct winter season flights from Zürich to Kittilä (the nearest airport to Ylläs). Although, when thinking of the good mountain biking, it would be even more comfortable if the direct flights would be flying in summer too. Please?

    Arosa Tourismus, Nathan Hughes

    Though, nothing wrong staying in Switzerland either. And this year again I am happy to be living in Switzerland, with the damn good an varied mountain biking possibilities all around the country. This year I also hope to have the money, to update my toys and explore the trails every free weekend and holiday I manage to get this season. (yes, mtb really is the new golf)

    And so, these days, alongside planning my whole strategy for the year, I am researching the options and drafting plans for biking and touring and eating and drinking my way around Switzerland. 

    Jean-Luc Grossmann für Spot Magazin

    swiss-image.ch/Markus Greber Maastopyöräily Sveitsi

    GRF/Ferienregion Lenzerheide Maastopyöräily Sveitsi

     GRF/Destination Davos Klosters Maastopyöräily Sveitsi

     Graubünden Ferien/Gaudenz Danuser Maastopyöräily Sveitsi

    There definitely needs to be biking in Graubünden (in the pics – hope I also get to take my own pics from there soon) and Zermatt. And the all the cheese and beer, in the middle and especially after. Well deserved. 

    Maybe a different kind of tour in Montreux-Riviera too. Biking and wine tasting combined. And some easy everyday tours in Uetliberg in Zürich, if and when I move back to that direction soon. 

    And I should also sign up to one of those technique / bike repair workshops or girls camps. I mean, I can bike and fix something, but some extra lessons never do harm. 

    One just would need to sit down and choose one. Or two. But like with the destinations, while it’s good to have so much to choose from these days, it’s also the problem of too many good things to choose from. 

    And so, feel free to help me in the comments section (or comment in instagram) if you know where what and how I should do better mountain biking this summer. 

    That I would look as cool as the people in the pics here. 

    Graubünden Ferien / Gaudenz Danuser

    Daniel Geiger für Merida/Graubünden Ferien

    Graubünden Ferien Maastopyöräily Sveitsi 2019


    Pics: Graubünden, Switzerland. Copyrights:Arosa Tourismus, Nathan Hughes, Graubünden Ferien, Gaudenz Danuser, Jean-Luc Grossmann für Spot Magazin, Ferienregion Lenzerheide, Daniel Geiger, GRF/Destination Davos Klosters, Markus Greber

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  • The Best Time Of The Year To Explore Switzerland

    Tiina Kivelä

    Today was a good day. That kind of warm, sunny, bluebird kinda spring day. Which makes everybody rush out and find a spot in the sun. Or at least the ones loving the spring in Switzerland.

    It would have been a good day in the mountains, and it was definitely a good day in the city. Where I stayed the day doing city stuff and running. And thinking that I have a one small tip for you, if and when you are thinking of traveling to and in Switzerland.

    The best time of the year to explore Switzerland.

    Or well. Dor me there are really two great seasons –spring and autumn – in between the classic (and for some the only possible) holiday seasons in summer and winter.

    Early spring, from late February to end of March, in Switzerland means good. It’s the best time to travel for the skiing, skitouring, ski mountaineering and sledging up in the mountains. And down in the valleys there are many warm enough afternoons to sit outside and enjoy a well deserved after ski or apéro. Later in the spring, the magnolias and other blossoming trees and  flowers arrive. And wine festivals and tasting, especially in the canton of Valais/Wallis. As well as time to change the skis to bikes.

    Then, fast forward over summer and the holiday season crowds we arrive to autumn in Switzerland. From late September to late November even. When we get perfectly mellow temperatures for the really long hikes, less crowded paths and air so clear it brings in mind he best kind of crispy autumn days.

    It’s also the perfect time for farmers markets, autumn colors and mountainbiking.

    Tiina Kivelä

    Ps. In addition to doing good for yourself, traveling outside the traditional high seasons of the destinations also makes sense for doing good in general. This way, your travel practices are more sustainable – simply the way you help the destinations to spread the amount of visitors more evenly over the year and this way help the (tourism) business, environment and local culture thrive better than with very short intense seasons.

    Where: St Gallen, Switzerland


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  • The Way We Were

    Tiina Kivelä Creative Switzerland

    Anyone else has the same problem?

    At first everything is well organised and filed with logical coding and then…

    Come few more years, and you find Interlaken 2017 pics in the same file as skiing in Norway 2012 pics  (= while destroying some files to make more space to the new software update).

    Oh well, might be just me. Nevertheless, now it’s all organised again and good thing is I also found the gems I was initially looking for. Like this.

    It was a very good bike ride to the beach.

    Where: 2017 Lake Thun, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland