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    Tiina Kivelä

    I’ve been back to arctic tundra (also known as Lapland, my home) a few days now and as mentioned already, been eating and drinking well. And to earn all that eating and drinking, I’ve been running around Rovaniemi; road running by the river, and trail running on the Ounasvaara trails, an example of which in here.

    The path below is really for biking and since I wasn’t on a bicycle (this time), I have to apologize for the collision danger caused by my unresponsible actions. Normally I really do go according to the written and unwritten rules – and advice you to do the same, as it’s good for everyone – but up here, I just can’t help it and end up running everywhere. (Luckily though the summer season up north is quite quiet still, so I had the trails all to myself this time.)

    After the long periods in Switzerland, I’m always so excited to be back to the flatlands and mellow hills and fjells of Lapland – the air here is so fresh and the uphills so smooth. Not to mention the midnight sun, which messes up your sleep and allows running around whatever hour of the day or night (good way to get the most out of the messed up sleep patterns).

    Oh, and it’s also easy to make pace records here, at least compared to the Alps.

    All the vanity…

    Tiina Kivelä

    Ps. The trails are more than nice for some semi-urban hiking as well. But please note that the signalization is a bit outdated and confusing – new, a better system should be up next year though – so take a map with you when going.

    Where: Rovaniemi 66°N, Lapland, Finland (guide)

  • Appenzell
  • Falling in Love With Switzerland Over And Over Again – Hoher Kasten Edit.

    Tiina Kivelä

    Just when I said I don’t recommend sneakers for these trails, I caught the weekend crowds at the end of my Saturday speed hike from Hoher Kasten, half of them taking careful steps on the slippery and rocky path from Wasserauen to Seealpsee, and the other way round. Everyone has the right to their own style though, but still, I’d highly recommend sturdy hiking/trekking shoes for these trails. Or trailrunning ones, with the sticky sole. Because I’m really worried when looking you stumbling with the not ideal for the occasion, no matter how trendy, Nike Frees.

    This time I took my trailrunning shoes to Alpstein, to take a speedy tour from Hoher Kasten to Wasserauen. First, I took the train and bus to Brülisau and from there the Kastenbahn up to Hoher Tauern and the excellent 360° views (and many pics). From Hoher Tauern, after tightening up my shoes and backpack, I ran (and occasionally walked and stopped), past Berggasthaus Staubern and more nice views, before stopping for an Appenzeller beer at Berggasthaus Bollenwees.

    After the beer, and almost swim in Fählensee, I took the hilly route over Bogartenlücke to Wasserauen train station, from where the train home. Overall, it was appr. 17 km hike, which in the end would have been better the other way round, as the 1600m descent would have been better as the ascent, and the 1000m descent better for the ascent. Nevertheless, I and my knees survived, and you can do it the better way, now when you know (though in that case, please take into an account the gondola timetable from Hoher Kasten more carefully).

    Hoher Kasten, as I know very well by now, has one of the best views to Rhine Valley (Rheintal) and to the whole Alpstein Massif and Appenzell (the region, not just the town). And like said many times already, when hiking and running around here, the extensive network of guesthouses takes care of your energy and hydration level more than fine. Just remember to take cash and enough time with you when going.

    Tiina Kivelä

    Tiina Kivelä

    Tiina Kivelä Hyvä retki

    Tiina Kivelä

    Where: Hoher Kasten – Staubern – Bollenwees – Wasserauen runhike, appr. 17km & 5h (map)

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  • If I Would Write Reviews – Women’s Nike Air Zoom Elite 9

    Tiina Kivelä

    If this would be a proper running blog, I’d write here a lengthy review* of women’s  Nike Air Zoom Elite 9 trainers, the newest addition to my running shoe collection. But as this is not that kind of blog  (to be honest, this blog doesn’t seem to be any kind of blog), I’ll just tell that if you’re a running woman (or girl) and looking for a fast (unfortunately though these don’t automatically make the girl fast), super light, responsive and narrow pair, for training and shorter races on roads and non-technical trails, this is for you.

    Extra points for no plastic packaging if you order them from Nike’s own webshop, as I did. Fits the other good goals as well.

    And for the interested, my plan with these shoes is to train, maybe for Montafon Arlberg marathon, and maybe run a few fun races like this wine run in France (Running Wine). Yes, still not taking this running thing too seriously.

    And to not make the other shoes too jealous of the new baby getting all the attention, I’m browsing in here, for tips on what kind of adventures to do with the more sturdier pairs. But before those, a few more rounds on these home trails with the new babies.

    Anyone else up for a run this weekend? Or still skiing? Already cycling?

    Tiina Kivelä

    Tiina Kivelä

    * For the lengthy ones I’d tip you to check Youtube which is full of running shoe reviews. Though I am kinda disappointed how it’s full of men reviewing running shoes for men. Where are all the women? Ok we should just start making those, but the brands and stores, why those are still mostly reviewing shoes for men only? Are we running women still so small in numbers? I’d doubt that.