Tiina Kivelä

A Good Tour

Finally, here are few words about my Hyvä retki (a good tour ) project and concept, of which a more detailed description has been up in Finnish in here for a while now.

First of all, a good tour is a concept, for almost everything I do and write about, here in my website and blog, in my personal Instagram (in English) and in Hyvä retki Instagram (in Finnish). It’s a concept of good life, good adventures, good travel and good tours, be it an everyday running tour or multiday trekking tour. Or just a simple day tour, tourist things, or daily tour to work and back. In a way, it’s also the mission of mine – to make more good tours and to empower others to make more good tours.

It’s about doing things as sustainably and good as possible (yes it’s a bit of a hippie thing but also a bit of an eco-luxury thing – doing sustainably with good style). It’s about taking responsibility and doing good, for the people, cultures, environment and societies of this world. It’s about going out there to the world, travelling near and far, exploring and experiencing well.

It’s about living well – it’s about getting aware of the climate change, the plastic pollution, the unsustainable travel practices and doing something everything to make it better to have the good things to do and see in the future also. It’s about showing up, learning, exploring, doing and asking for help; it’s about offering help and sharing information, inspiration and good vibes. It’s not about preaching, but it’s about opening the eyes and hoping that others wanna get the whole picture too.

It’s also a project, in this phase a blog and book (first in Finnish, maybe later in English and German as well) about touring in Switzerland, by foot, sustainably and responsibly. It’s about inspiration and tips for day and multi-day hiking tours in the Swiss Alps, about the excellent outdoors infrastructure which offers excellent outdoor experiences and lessons, if and when one knows the basics (which I am going to explain in detail in the book). It’s about improving, getting further and higher and taking the challenge. It’s about living the good life, taking the small and big adventures, and sharing the joy of active life with respect to the environment.

Glimpses of all this, the concept and the project, will be seen on this website. Though not all the tours and things I do and talk about in here really are that, if at all, good; life nor I aren’t perfect and I’ve come to the conclusion that there will always be the not so good days, the horribly bad tours and the fails, and there’s always something more to learn. I am more than happy to admit that sometimes I am just wrong. But I hope that keeping this as authentic and realistic as possible, showing the good and the bad, will not turn people away but rather empower you to take part in the conversation and mission, to see that no one is perfect but sometimes many times it’s good to try and make as good as possible – better than not trying at all is to do and fail (whenever not question of life and death) and learn from that.

For me, it really started when I moved to Switzerland and get to know the glaciers from a close distance. Although nature, outdoors and sustainability have always been more or less important to me (good they were, as in a small town above the Arctic Circle there aren’t many other cool things other than the nature, the wilderness) it was only here in Switzerland, and a bit through my studies, that I really started to feel I need to do more, to use my knowledge and follow my passion, through concrete action. When I saw with my own eyes what was happening to the glaciers and when I read and saw more, when I learned more, when I saw what others were doing, I wanted to do more as well.

I wanted to do more good and here I am, taking the steps and sometimes stumbling, forward. Moving on and living the life as good as possible.

How about you? Are you with me? Or do you think this is all b*lls*t?