It’s So Fluffy!

Yesterday and the day before, it was beautiful. Or what the heck, it was awesome! Finally fluffy fluffy powder in Engelberg/Titlis. With slight base even.  (Very slight. Many sharks also and I guess the whole winter will be shark season nowadays.

It was also sunny, sparkling and just the kind of day of my dreams in the Swiss Alps. The day for which I exercise and squat, train my overall skiing technique, balance and strength. The kind of day for which I have moved here. (There is other reasons too but this is one of the most important.) The kind of day for which I also work whatever work I can get and have.

If you are lucky, you may get something like this on your short holiday visit. But for me, living here seems to be the best solution.

And oh girl I also like it how now the big tourist groups are nowhere to be seen and the mountains are here basically just for the true mountain people. Selfish, I know, but I promise to support the local businesses as well as I can.

Mount Titlis Swiss Alps

Titlis Glacier Skiing

Faction Skis Tiina Kivelä

Rotegg Engelberg Skiing Tiina Kivelä

Freeskiing Engelberg Tiina Kivelä

Where: Engelberg / Titlis , Switzerland