Angel Mountains – Engelberg

This summer at work, I had many occasions to stare at –  for a long second at least – the mountains surrounding Engelberg. And especially the view south, from the top of Klein Titlis  (3020m above sea level, reachable by cable car from Engelberg village so if you look for a more wild and less crowded experience, go somewhere else).

Pretty nice bonus, isn’t it?

And while I currently don’t know exactly what I will do this winter, I know I am pretty happy to be here and ski here. And to stare at these a lot more. Because staring is still kind of the most demanding activity I can think of. Summer was tough (or I’m just old) and I need a bit more time to recover.

So now you get just some snaps from the angle mountains and a little hint that more is to come. Maybe, hopefully. If not, you can always stare at my insta.

Fünffingerstöck Tiflis Engelberg

Tiina Kivelä Creative Swiss Alps

Gadmental Tiina Kivelä

Tiina Kivelä Titlis Cliff Walk

Buddha Engelberg Titlis 2019

Tiina Kivelä Glacier Pool 2019

Where: Engelberg/Titlis, Switzerland