• Engelberg – Titlis 3020m

    Whiiiii. This is how my current commute looks like, on a sunny day. Or well the train I don’t take every day, but the Titlisbahn gondola is my transport for 5days a week.

    Could be worse. Both the views and work.

    Here’s mountains (Titlis 3020m), glaciers, excellent freeskiing and climbing, ok biking, hiking and trailrunning, fun international community and Engelberg Abbey (benedictine monastery founded in 1120) which more or less nicely keeps me on time – with the first bells at 5 am.

    Tiina Kivelä Engelberg

    Titlisbahn Engelberg Tiina Kivelä 2019

    Glacier Tiina Kivelä

    Currently it’s the last days of skiing season (traces in the pics) and then it’s the shoulder season from April to early June, with plenty of work before the trails for the summer are their best.

    In other words, stay tuned for best of central Switzerland. More stories coming asap.

    Where: Engelberg, Obwalden, Switzerland