Lapland Retreat – Kind Of

Tiina Kivelä Creative

Have spent some days in Lapland, above Arctic Circle.

And have to say big thank you, Lapland. For the sleep, the food, the cold (well, mainly for making it all this pretty). And the snow, the sun (even though not warming but isn’t now the best time to be happy of the cold sun!?) and sauna. Especially the sauna. In this almost -30°C cold, for weeks.

Nowadays, the visits feel like 5* wilderness retreat. That partly because the older you get the more you understand what’s worth of real value and what’s not, or something like that.

Of course also because of the looks like this.

And partly because nowadays I don’t need to take part in the everyday struggle life in the small town in the middle of the wilderness really is.

And so, I am also super excited to be packing my bags again, to soon leave Lapland for Switzerland. To get back to my Swiss bubble, where everything’s near and everything works like well, a Swiss thing.

And yes, I do know how damn privileged I am with these two homes of mine.

Tiina Kivelä Creative
Tiina Kivelä Creative

Where: Kemijärvi, Lapland, Finland