My Lapland Ritual

Tiina Kivelä Lapland

One of those. My favourite Lapland rituals. xc-skiing. Skating style.

It’s good to be back in Lapland and on cross-country tracks. Even though, I clearly notice that I haven’t trained enough for the season of one of the toughest, if not toughest, sports in world.

It requires the endurance of ultrarunning, the sprint speed of mountain biking, the mental toughness of open water swimming, and, at times, can put skiers in situations of real exposure.––– To be successful, athletes must maintain unparalleled cardiovascular fitness in addition to muscular strength and coordination.

Yes, it’s tough, and if not born skis attached to your feet like I kinda did, it’s better to get a good amount of (technique) lessons and good gear before gliding away.

Nevertheless, it’s nice and more than worth it. And humbling.

Exercise, meditation (kind of) and fresh air (one of the purest in the world). All in one.  And when it’s crispy cold, sauna afterward melts.

On top of it all, you really earn your beer skiing nordic.

Where: Ounasvaara, Rovaniemi, Finland