That’s how adult I sound when there’s snowwwwwwww.


In other words, today I woke up in a winter wonderland and despite an early (and stubborn) winter cold made a little walk (I’ve gotten very good at these grandma style walks lately), took the pics and froze the fingers. Which were then melted with #kerkkälatte aka the #matchalatte aka the hipster drink.

It’s made of milk (btw finally found good barista style oat+soja drink from Germany – and the next step is to find similar in Switzerland – help people if you know!) and spruce sprout powder (mine is from Arctic Warriors, directly from Rovaniemi – thanks for sponsoring guys!). Add some honey for sweetness, whisk and voilá, the hipster drink is made.

Tastes like grass (aka super healthy), so now I really feel like a happy swiss cow here.

Who also has a Christmas tree. And candles. And lots to study. And a cold to heal. So no skiing here yet. Unfortunately. But hopefully soon.

And before that, some snow. And Swiss countryside. And my hygge.

Tiina Kivelä

Tiina Kivelä

Tiina Kivelä

Tiina Kivelä


Where:  St. Gallen

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