Almost Mission Impossible – #Plogging In Switzerland

Tiina Kivelä

Once upon a time, there was Switzerland, and there a girl who wanted to save the world while running, one piece of trash at a time. In other words, the girl aka I thought to start plogging, just to notice that there’s not much to do for it in Switzerland.

Switzerland isn’t perfect (surprise!) but I have to say that it does good on keeping the environment clean, on sorting the trash and recycling it. There are things to improve still, like the plastic issue. But when it comes to clean nature I have to say, after keeping an eye on the details for few days, it does pretty well in it. So thank you Switzerland and especially people in here to making my plogging almost impossible, and keeping the nature clean from dirt.

With the saved time from plogging, I’ve thought about start making actions on reducing the plastic waste, to which the recent Earth Day and it’s campaign for the year End Plastic Pollution, has given a good boost as well.

And like the style goes these days, there’s a good opportunity to brag about your world saving and inspire others (more of the latter please) with a simple hashtag if an when you want to join saving the world, act by act. Try #plogging, #endplasticpollution or #nomoreplastic.

So we can more likely enjoy views like this in the future too.

Tiina Kivelä

Tiina Kivelä

Where: St. Gallen – Bodensee (Arbon-Steinach-Rorschach) map