Hyvää Syntymäpäivää Suomi

Tiina Kivelä

Happy Birthday, Finland!

The ones who don’t know, Finland turned 100 years old yesterday( the day’s called Independence Day aka Itsenäisyyspäivä). And for the occaions, if I’d say what I’m most grateful for this country, I’d say the Finnish passport (and almost as high would be nature in Lapland). With that, I’ve been able to travel, see the fireworks for Swiss national day (and drink free beer and dance to the morning in the middle of the street) and to get the social security, which might be the best in the world.

For once I was Finland for the party, though as the tradition goes, no proper parties for me. For the ones who don’t know this either, I couldn’t even buy champagne, nor sauna beer for the occasion, because I forgot that I’m in Finland, in where they close the wine and good belgian beer shop (aka Alko) early the day before (and stay closed the party day), and that the supermarket stops selling average beer at 9 PM (I was on that line 5min late this time).

Oh well, it’s been very healthy, sporty and productive celebration. At least I got the sauna.