• Comforting Grindelwald With Snow

    Grindelwald by Tiina Kivelä

    Grindelwald Switzerland by Tiina Kivelä

    Snowy Grindelwald yesterday, 11/12/2016. Something bright, something pure, something comforting after a dark, dark week.

    Mountains know how to calm a girl. And on the same time make restless for the ski tours to come.

    See you later and listen Leonard.

    Where: Grindelwald, Switzerland.

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  • Visiting Finland November 2016

    Tiina Kivelä Lapland

    It was Arctic, Finland November 2016. Snowstorms in Helsinki, below -10°C degrees in Lapland, trains and planes delayed because the cold and snow, and for whatever reasons. And I was delayed from everywhere too, because the phone decided to freeze and because the sparsely build Finnish cities managed to surprise me, after months abroad in these cozily arranged Swiss towns.


    But despite the cold Finland was nice. Most of the time. Seeing dearest friends is always nice. And Lapland is always nice, and Swedish Lapland was the nicest and the most tempting destination showing off in Skiexpo (yes, Swedes have eye for detail and style). And the Skiexpo sidekick party for Freeskiers, Vapaalaskuiltamat at Vanha, was also nice, but this time the hotel bed* and especially solitude, after 5 months in shared dorm-like flat, was more tempting than the party and films for more than short stop. Sorry friends, I can see them later online I hope. And hopefully see you all f2f in the Swiss slopes this winter; welcome to Jungfrau Region, I’m waiting!


    And then there was the Lapland in details. Santa Claus Village, of course, as it happens to be so cozily on my way always. There was Arctic Light hotel, pampering with the in-room Sauna, polar bears and the famous, best ever breakfast! Highly recommended. And there was couple of drinks and beer tasting at friend’s place (greetings to Haarige Kuh Brauerei, you got very good reviews!) too.

    And then there was more Sauna at the original home, packing and frozen surroundings (and one broken red wine bottle in the checked in carry-on, damn.. (Goodbye that carry on and nice paper wrappers for swiss chocolate). And a last dinner at Roka, and way too early wake up call for the flight back.


    After all this I have to confess that at some point during all that traveling, including the last day with wake up call at 4 am, 12h traveling in 2 flights and 2 trains, with 4 bags and couple of kilos too much, I decided this was the last time I took care of everything by myself. For the next time I’ll hire a personal assistant. Or find a husband, as that would suit better my poor budget… Or something. Too many bruises and aching muscles to count now, no matter how proud of myself I am after surviving the challenge in one piece and with all the bags (except the one^ destroyed by that bottle of wine).

    And in the end I would like to say, if this isn’t already clear enough: Go to Finland, and especially Lapland! It’s always worth it, and it kinda needs it. These days you can even take direct Germania flight from Zurich to Rovaniemi, if you’re from Switzerland or close.

    Or the other way round, dear Lapland people. Your host is waiting for the first guests! The cute little villages are dressing up with fairy lights and snow. Can’t get more idyllic for the end of the year. Both in Lapland and in Switzerland.

    *Ps. I have to ask, Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport, where was the real butter and fatty milk for coffee in breakfast? ? Non fat is so last season, didn’t you know? 

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  • California Dreaming No more

    Tiina Kivelä

    This morning, waking up to the news and watching the surrounding mountains covered with fresh snow, I felt like climbing up there for some solitude, and never coming back.

    Couple of weeks ago I was still dreaming of California trip next year, rewarding myself for all the hard work done this year. But now, I don’t know… I would just like to stick to this snow and glaciers and little girls and assure them that everything will be alright. (Although points to California for that it seemed to know better than anyone else what’s really good for them).

    Tiina Kivelä

    Let’s take a deep breath and quiet moment today.

    But continue the hard work tomorrow. Then I’ll come back with the Finland greetings. And hope that even more people come back with hope. Because.

    Life begins on the other side of despair.  © Jean Paul Sartre

    Take care.