What’s In Between By Shades Of Winter


Have to say, the Fourth Phase was too much traditional RedBull for me. But no worries, there’s something for us “quality over quantity” skifilm fans too, and funnily enough from the same media house. It’s Between, by Shades of Winter.

The newest Shades of Winter film Between will premier in Münich tomorrow and I’m going to be there too. Because this is something which means lot to me and without which I wouldn’t be who I am now and especially I wouldn’t be as far as I have landed, with the help of braveness acquired by the support and example of these girls.

Last winter I got to meet & get to know the producer herself and other girls of the group. The inspiring, talented & professional women, one of which unfortunately isn’t with us anymore, but sees and pushes us forward from the powder paradises of sky. RIP Matilda. I wouldn’t be here, happier than ever, without you.

Maybe some day I have the time to write down why this whole Shades of Winter is so important to me. But until that, just see the films, get inspired and dare to try yourself. And wait for my Münich getaway report too. It will follow. But first, what’s in Between.  Blue carpet here I come!