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  • Last Hours Of Summer And USB Mountain Offer

    Lauterbrunnen by Tiina Kivelä


    Don’t make the mountain your enemy – get out, get up there instead

    © Florence Welch

    It’s the last weekend of summer time and UBS mountain offer, and what a weather to take full advantage of! Though today I kind of needed to sleep long and therefore in the end took the right turn, opposite to the initial plan to reach Schilthorn on time for the last cable car down (left turn, and then from the “back side” to the summit).

    But like the mountain rule goes, rather turn back in the last minute, than not come back at all. So there I was, enjoying views, the work out, the sun, the inversion(it’s been extremely warm & sunny these days, for October at least), the silence (though Florence jukebox inside my head) and cheap cable cars down to save my knees.

    It’s about a time to earn my next winter turns and work my body these weekends, though I have to say that if the weather wouldn’t have been this great, I’d kick started the downdays of November in Berner Weinmesse or in Helsinki. But luckily the weather offered something even better. Have to earn that wine too, you see.

    And November will come, no matter what.

    Hiking Mürren – Bryndli – Birg

    Hei kävin taas vuorilla. Viimeinen viikonloppu, jolloin voi hyödyntää pankin 10€  tarjouslippuja “cable car”eihin (ei muuten enää hajuakaan mitä nämä ovat suomeksi; ei gondoleita mutta… Auttakaa!). Ja sopivasti viikonloppu tarjoaa myös pilvettömän taivaan, auringon ja lähes 20°C lämpötilan ja inversion. T-paidalla olisi pärjännyt, jos olisi muistanut aurinkorasvan.

    Alkuperäinen tavoite oli Schilthorn tuolta vasemmalta ns. takakautta, mutta koska aamulla väsytti ja koska vuorilla on säännöt, niin käännyin lopussa oikealle alkuperäisen suunnitelman mukaisen vasemman sijaan, jotta varmasti ehdin viimeiseen hissiin alas. Luulen kyllä että hieman lyhennettynäkin tämä ja huominen tulee tuntumaan sopivasti jäsenissä maanantaina. 
    Niin, olisin myös voinut viettää tämän kuten edellisenkin viikonlopun viini & ruokamessuilla, mutta kyllä nämä vuoret taisivat silti tarjota enemmän rahalle vastinetta ja sopivaa työtä lihaksille talvea ajatellen. Viiniä ja ruokaa ehtii nauttia taas riittävästi marraskuun sadepäivinä. 

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  • These Evenings Running in Switzerland


    Tiina Kivelä

    I’m trying to get into daily running again, to get myself fit enough for pleasant skitouring this winter. Second eve in a row yesterday – Wednesday in dark and rain, yesterday just before dark, in this amazing hazy sunset and warmth (it’s back, promising almost +20°C for the weekend). All this followed by consulting a friend on how to ski up and down that Jungfrau there… Oh can’t wait!

    The hill backyard is tiny in Swiss standards, but more than good enough for daily trailrunning spurts. Now the only problem is that the shoes aren’t good enough and also the skis are missing good bindings. On, I dream of you…

    Where: Interlaken, Switzerland

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  • Seasons Change In Augsmatthorn

    Tiina Kivelä

    Yesterday was the first time I met these fellas, Alpensteinbocke (Alpine ibex) in their natural environment near Augsmatthorn. Or well, for me first time wherever. And what a day it generally was, though they were definitely the highlight, exceeding expectations, posing there like trying to own the Graubünden ones famous for their YouTube..

    But first; look at the frost! Winter is coming, at least in the Alps. I smelled the cold, I could feel the winter and that, if something, makes me feel home. Yes, I am strange; my comfort zone is ice and snow and cold, and I can’t wait for the ski season. And I shouldn’t need to say that northface is my kind of face, always, it’s just natural that when winter is calling, I must go. So there I was yesterday, waking up early to catch up with the first signs of winter and almost the first bus to Habkern, this cute little village nearby Interlaken. The 9h hike itself became something else than cute in the end, but that’s another story which I’ll tell you later. Let’s concentrate on the frost and steinbocks first.

    After hiking up from Habkern and the frosty northface of Augsmatthorn, balancing further on the narrow and slippery mountain ridge, I stumbled into the^ jolly Alpine ibex* fellas (alpensteinbocke). I guess they understood their Instagram potential very well, posing with Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau in the background, some snoring, some seeming to think they had stumbled into wrong crowd themselves. This area around Lombach (part of Emmental, yes the cheese, alps) acts as kind of a reserve for them, species once almost disappeared from the planet* and therefore it’s extra nice to see them in their natural environment. Which also made me think (during soloing 9h one really had time to think) that when you are wild, your changes seeing other wild things are higher. And that if we all would be this wild, we wouldn’t need zoos… Or gyms either.


    Hike: Habkern Post – Augsmatthorn – Hardergrat – Harder Kulm – Unterseen – Interlaken, about 9h 

    Postbuss 106 Interlaken West – Habkern 2,60 CHF with Half -Fare Travel Card by SwissPass (Halbtax). 


    *After being extirpated from most areas by the 19th century, the Alpine ibex was successfully reintroduced to parts of its historical range and all individuals living today descend from the stock in Gran Paradiso National Park in Aosta Valley and from the neighbouring French valley of Maurienne(Wikipedia)

    Tiina Kivelä