• Secret Service Top Of Schilthorn

    Tiina Kivelä

    Unfortunately I have no time for blogging these days.

    But look. I’m alive. Taking tons of pictures and videos, some of which end up in Instagram, Snapchat or my private Facebook. Go look there and maybe some day I have time to put something up here even. But not yet, unfortunately. Summer is nice and hot and sunny and more than sitting with my computer and writing about life, I’m into living the life.

    But no worry. I’m doing more than fine. I would like to write you about all the good things happening. Because I like it here. I love it. I’m doing more than fine.  And some day I’m gonna write you. Not right now but some day.

    Don’t worry. Remember to live, love and laugh. That’s what I’m doing.

    Location: Schilthorn, Switzerland