Southern Comfort

Tiina Kivelä

This summer hasn’t been easy. So many tragedies, so much rain, so little time.  I’ve been struggling, trying to keep up with the phase. Luckily survived though, somehow, with the help of the few extremely warm and sunny days, people, and this environment.

I do live in a fairytale, one of the few places on Earth which could be called paradises even. Lavenders are blossoming and apricots are ready to be picked up. You can hear the grasshoppers, alphorns, birds and laughing people. You can see animals, wild and domestic ones, happy looking, concentrating on eating, sleeping and not giving too much a damn.

And you may take a little Sunday walk in your extended backyard, and find the place of your dreams. The place which has all the things needed for the perfect party. For celebration, for those endless summer nights.  And for a moment you may believe that everything is possible.

You start dreaming and making plans again. And that if something isn’t easy these times…

Location: Trinkhalle am Kleinen Rugen, Interlaken, Switzerland