And Then We Take Switzerland

Tiina Kivelä

The dream is free but the hustle is sold separately. And this time the hustle is last minute tickets to Switzerland. Gonna escape this mess* for a week and maybe come back with a new job.

It’s funny how easily the dream can surprise you. To open up a bit, I’ll  now tell you that the last months I’ve been actively looking for jobs in Switzerland (and keeping that Austria as the plan B). But it wasn’t before I was called for interview that I realized how good, almost perfect, place that country feels for me. Somehow it all clicked on that moment – the Heidi books and films of childhood, the couple of months in Austria back in 2008, the cheese, the wine, the Swiss neighbors in Norway and the after ski’s in Engelberg. The funny interest in Swiss German (which I really want plan to learn) and the unexplainable call of the mountains.

I was born and raised in a small town between two lakes. And now I’m going to a town between two lakes, Interlaken. So it’s gonna be both exciting and familiar. And I’d be laying if I wouldn’t be scared. If I’d say it goes easily. No. Moving abroad, starting new, playing all your cards at once; it’s always frightening and many times harder than staying still. But having jumped into unknown many times I now know almost all the good and bad in it (next big challenge for me would be to try another continent) and should know how to survive.  And if I slip into thinking (most of the times tired and out of money) how nice it would be to take the comfortable, to not go for the unknown 100%, I try to think all the people who doesn’t have the possibilities I have. Who’d risk their life for all the freedom, privileges and possibilities I have; the things which make it possible for me to so easily book tickets to Switzerland and fly away. To try and either succeed or fail. And if I fail, there’s still place for me to come back to. I can do my best and do my part. And you know what? There hasn’t been a possibility I’d backed off, and chosen the comfort rather than the great unknown.

I’m brave but I think I’m still not as brave as I could be. White woman’s burden and all that. You’ve come a long way, baby, but basically that’s just what you were made for. Dream big and be grateful.

And drink wine when there’s a good reason. Be it Switzerland, Friday or something else.

Santé !

Tiina Kivelä

*I hate moving. So let’s not talk about it. Let’s just say it’s there but there’s no, absolutely zero, need to make a fuss about it. Only when (keep on dreaming girl) I finally have money to keep a house (cabin, please) in a Finnish countryside (Lapland, near airport) too. Then we can talk how nice it is to pack and unpack the bags over and over.