Tiina Kivelä

Something Sunday’ish coming up. While knitting the sweater pictured here (for my mom) I started thinking how nicely a work like this can illustrate the many (personal and professional) skills and competence a person has. A portfolio piece, kinda. And to make my case clear (and to brag with my skills and achievements a bit – look, I made that!);  a list of skills and personal qualities needed for knitting and finishing a sweater like this (and which quickly browsing are the skills employers are looking for).


  • Eye for detail.
  • Can imagine the big picture.
  • Familiar with numbers (it’s all about counting with these) and budgeting (damn the icelandic wool is expensive).
  • Consistency and ability to work hard and structured towards set goals
  • Can-do attitude.
  • Impeccabe organizational and project management skills…
  • Knows trends (Nordic sweaters are cool – just ask The Killing and Sarah Lund fans)
  • Ambitious…
  • Knows how to work under stress and release it (ever heard of knitfulness?).
  • Creative, dedicated and hard working…
  • Masters multitasking (Netflix + knitting go well together)
  • Able to work under pressure (you better get that sweater done on time before christmas).
  • Ability to build and maintain successful account, customer and stakeholder relations, communications and customer intent (mom – the most lovable but also challenging customer ever with her many demands and eyer for detail; including mistakes).
  • An ability to work independently.
  • Good interpersonal and intercultural skills (Icelandic pattern and yarn, Finnish knitter etc.)

Check ✓

Long story short – a knitter is a good recruitment. And let this be the (only) post about knitting on my site. Not to offend anyone, but no matter how much I like knitting itself, I don’t find it sexy enough for blogging. At least not by me.

Though knitwear is sexy. On a fisherman. Or sailor. Bearded sailor….

Tiina Kivelä