Tiina Kivelä

I have a problem. Earlier I wrote about how to combine traveling and training. How to stay fit when traveling and living the busy life. Well, now I have a problem with the opposite. The problem how to combine training and staying in once place. For me the best option seems to be calendar full of meetings, between which I can easily fit training (oddly enough). Moreover the inspiration and motivation I get from visiting new places and changing places, trying new things or at least old things in new places seems to increase my active hours.

Now I’ve been stuck in one place for almost a month now. And what is worst in this situation is that I haven’t just stayed in one place – I’ve stayed in. Like really in, in my tiny apartment. First because of the flu and then because the weather has been just awful. Slippery, icy roads and heavy rain make it hard, even impossible, to do outdoor sports or even the visit to a gym or boulder hall. I wouldn’t mind the rain, thats why I’ve bought all these Gore-Tex® jackets (speaking of which, I would need a new one since my current one* is getting old and it does’t really are the ideal for high-intensity training like running). So I’ve been stuck home, trying lousy push-ups and casual yoga. And dreaming of better times. But it’s not enough. It’s not something from which I get the kicks from. And I do miss the kicks. I need the kicks.

One solution would be to buy Gore-Tex® shoes with spikes. And the new jacket. Or visit the nearest gym just around the block. But unfortunately I’m too poor for these options right now. So the only option seems to be to continue with these lousy yoga poses and Nike Training Club. Pardon my french, but how boring!

Any better ideas?

* From the picture you may notice how the white jacket suits better to snow, not this rain & slush…