As a tourism researcher / enthusiastic traveler I have a thing I haven’t done but should definitely have done, already years ago. And that’s visiting Nordic Travel Fair (Matkamessut) in Helsinki. But in my defense, I’ve been to ITB Berlin , so I kind of have an idea what kind of event it should be, and I’ve lived and traveled quite happy without it. Until now.

Now I’m almost excited since first time is always first time, and I was even invited to join the Half Board Bloggers Programme at NBE Finland, which will go almost parallel with the fair.* Moreover, there if somewhere will be many friends to meet and greet at the stands (sorry guys, but it does feel awesome to be on the tourist side for once) and of course party and gossip.

It will be also nice to meet the fellow bloggers and learn some new tricks from the better ones. Maybe the fair will also do its share and give me inspiration and ideas for future travels (like I wouldn’t already have too many of those – what I’m really lacking is money, but damn that’s harder to acquire).

I’ve also packed my running gear (like I always do) and I really hope that the degrees “down south” will be little bit milder so I could really use them.  I also hope I’ll wake up on time to catch the train I’m supposed to take (way too early, btw) and more than anything I keep my fingers crossed that despite this -30°C,  VR will be (for once…) on time at Helsinki.

Maybe see you there!


* I still have problems with calling myself a blogger. I don’t even write so often as I should ! Well, I try to keep in mind that it’s just a label and at least this time I really have the same passion to share with fellow bloggers. And as far as I know, travelers if some are always open and friendly to new (& little bit out of the place) people.