• Ride The Alps 2018 – Car Free Alpine Classics For Cyclists

    Tiina Kivelä

    As the story goes, I still have no roadbike. But luckily dreaming is free and the ones with the bikes can find the following information more than valuable (sharing is caring <3). The ones, who know what we talk when we talk of Furka pass, Grimsel pass, Susten pass, Peloton, Tour de France and Giro d’Italia. For the ones, these roadcyckling passionates, maybe even you, Switzerland offers now Ride the Alps 2018.

    Ride the Alps will reserve the best of these passes only for cyclists, on designated dates from May to September 2018. You read right – on designated dates (in here and below), the maginificent roads will be car free, for cyclist only. For once you don’t need to worry of the cars on the sometimes very narrow roads, leading up and down through the magnificent Swiss landscape – for once, it’s all up to you and your bike.

    So, start planning and hold your horses bikes untill these dates. Or well, maybe some exercise labs prior May would be a good idea too.

    Get the overview of the dates and passes below, and click yourself to the My Switzerland Ride The Alps -site for more information. I’m also more than up to this challenge, so drop me a message if you’re going and let’s see if I manage to get a bike to the line as well.

    Ride the Alps – Events 2018


    Ride the Alps Susten – Meiringen – 26.5.2018


    UNICEF Cycling for Children – Crans-Montana – 9.6.2018

    Chasing Cancellara – Andermatt – 24.6.2018


    Ride the Alps vaudoises – Villars-sur-Ollon – 1.7.2018

    Granfondo San Gottardo – Ambrì 22.7.2018


    Tour des Stations – Verbier –11.8.2018


    slowUp Mountain Albula – Bergün / Bravuogn – 2.9.2018

    Challenge Davos Festival – Davos Dorf – 16.9.2018

    La Désalpe – Reichenbach Finhaut – 16.9.2018

    FreiPass Klausen Pragel – Linthal–  22.9.2018 – 23.9.2018

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  • Best In Zürich – Frauenbad Stadhausquai

    Tiina Kivelä

    After mountains, the best outdoor things in Switzerland relate to the rivers and lakes, in which Zürich doesn’t make an exception.  It’s been quite of an heatwave this week and I’ve found myself almost every day in one of the badi‘s in town. Earlier this week, I tested the free official one and the free not-official one, which offer active playgrounds for cooling down. And yesterday, in a need of quiet, relaxed self-care day, I tested Frauenbad Stadshausquai, which charmed me right away. This women-only badi (bath) offers for 8CHF all the necessities for a perfect bath experience, as well as good views of the Zürich old town and even of the snowy Alps. Not to forget the art nouveau design of the bath itself.

    Chilling river, topless sunbathing, food and good poolside bar in Zürich centre? Here you have it. Picnic is possible too (you may find Sprüngli around the corner). But sorry men, there’s nothing to see for you in here during the daytime, as this is a women-only experience. Official opening hours of the bath during the summer season from May to September are around 9am to 8pm, depending on the weather. Nevertheless, the Barfussbar – barefeet bar – at the same location welcomes the other gender too after 8pm.


    For me, relaxing in the bath and swimming offers a well-needed break and care for the muscles tired from all the moving, running, hiking and biking. I still have problems staying still for a long time, but in places like this, I can quite easily survive a day or at least a half. Following the loosely structured routine: read – nap – swim – drink – eat – swim – read – naprepeat. Moreover, the place would offer nice remote working and studying possibilities too in the shadowy corners. Though I might want to keep this as a no-working zone. But a notebook is good to have, as creative moment easily happens in this kind of a situation; in Finnish having a drink can be even called a “neuvoa antava,” loosely translated as “giving an advice”. And yesterday, this aperol spritz clearly said: pause, woman.


     Tiina Kivelä

    Where: Frauenbad Stadshausquai, Stadthausquai 12, 8001 Zurich

    Ps. Fun Wikipedia fact: “Zürich’ government decided in 1837, to build a public bath for women, to prevent that “they are no longer forced to bath at night in the fountains” and to protect them from the eyes of men.” With these tropical nights in Zürich this week, I salute these brave ancestors who bathed in the fountains when nothing better was available. Women, claim your space. Always.



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    Tiina Kivelä

    Untypical news coming from me. I took a kind of a vacation. Yes, me who normally has this strange stupid habit of skipping every holiday more than few days. This might have something to do with the general job and life situation for our generation, though. Nevertheless, now I decided I simply deserved and needed this, and oh boy how good it feels! To have time to read and travel and cook and explore the surroundings, etc. Just for fun.

    It’s a quite of an unusual state of mind for me, this vacation state of mind, and for not to shock myself I started with a simple staycation at home in the Bernese Oberland. Finishing the few books I took with me when moving here a year ago, and going through the New Yorkers and other magazines which have mainly piled up on my bedside table unread, while I was going through the work overload I had this spring. The weather has also been awesome, lucky me, and I’m taking the most out of the sunny days and the region, biking and hiking and swimming as much as possible. Bruises and scratches and tanned skin tell that fun I’ve had already.

    The restless soul I am, I’m also dreaming of road trips, Italy, maybe surfing in Morocco too. And to really take this holiday to the next level I’ll fly to Spain next week, to have a proper getaway with the girls and tapas. Until that, I’ll continue chilling close to the coffee mug and my readings and writings. And the mountains, of course.  Bernese Oberland is not a bad place for a staycation, not at all.

    Tiina Kivelä


    Tiina Kivelä



    Otin näille viikoille hieman omaa lomaa, ja miten mahtavalta se tuntuukaan. Jos en ole jo aiemmin kertonut tai et muuten vain sitä vielä tiedä, niin olen useimmiten todella surkea lomailija, suurimmaksi osaksi täysin itsestäni riippumattomista syistä kylläkin. Mutta nyt, intensiivisen ensimmäisen Sveitsivuoden jatkoksi, päätin että olen lomani ansainnut. Kun universumi vielä antoi siihen hyvän mahdollisuuden vetämällä alta muutamat näille kuukausille suunnitellut työprojektit, niin tässä sitä nyt ollaan, vapaaherrattarena Sveitsissä.

    Ja millä sopivalla hetkellä! Kesä on vihdoin tullut bernin ylämaille ja kun lämpötilat ovat hiponeet lähellä kolmekymmentä jo viikon verran (kuulemma Lapissa edelleen hiihdetään) on staycationilla aloitettu loma hemmotellut jo mitä parhaiten työntäyteisen talven ja kevään väsyttämää ihmistä. Hiljalleen paikalleen tuntuvat liikahtelevan sekä lihakset että päänsisäiset ajatukset, jotka ovat olleetkin aikamoisessa sekasotkussa viimeisen vuoden kaikkien ärsykkeiden keskellä. Sotku ei ole ollut pelkästään huono juttu, vuoden aikana kerätyt kokemukset ja opit olen ottanut lähes kaikki suurella ilolla vastaan, mutta jossain vaiheessa on asiat pistettävä järjestykseen sveitsiläisellä tarkkuudella (paikallinen pankkini UBS lähettää muuten tiliotteet valmiiksi mappeja varten rei’itettyinä).

    Vihdoin minulla on aikaa lukea ja matkailla kunnolla, ihan vain huvikseni. Ja koluta kaikki lähitienoon pyörä- ja vaellusreitit; mustelmia, naarmuja ja auringossa paahtunutta (aurinkosuoja +50 aina, toim. huom.) ihoa onkin jo kertynyt mukavasti.  Tämä viikko menee vielä kotimaisemissa kirjojen, järvien ja bernin vuorien kainalossa, mutta ensi viikolla siirrän isommalle vaihteelle ja otan lennon Espanjaan, tarkemmin sanottuna Granadaan.

    Antaa tulla, roadtripit ja junamatkat ja vieraat kylät. Olen lomalla.