• Good Place To Sleep in Rovaniemi – Arctic Light Hotel

    Tiina Kivelä

    The title of one of my favorite songs, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out, could describe this hotel quite well. However, Arctic Light hotel is not my style. I’m not luxury like it. Almost the opposite. Normally, my go-to option is everything nordic cool, or hipster, as my friends would say. But the older I get the more I like posh, or rather I would say I like taking care of me. In other words, I’ve now found myself liking the 5* hotels, expensive smelly candles and even spa’s. More adventure but even more comfort.  Or, as this sentence from here sums it: play hard, rest hard.

    In places like Arctic Light hotel I like especially the 5* service and design with an Arctic twist. Oh boy it’s nice and I love it. Why wouldn’t I? As the title suggest, the beds are especially good for sleep. Breakfast is famous and delicious (worth waking up early) and the most important thing in Finland, sauna, both the in-room and the separate hotel sauna (which you can reserve for yourself only from the reception) is excellent as well. The sauna works extra well when paired with the hotel toiletries by Rituals (with whom I have a long complicated history by now) and if you are lucky, you may also share your bath with a polar bear (but please note that polar bear isn’t native in Lapland really). And for the interested (and enough earning ones), hotel is one of the few in Finland offering Concierge service.

    I wish I’d have more money to stay here more often. It’s not my style but I love it enough still. And if you can, check it out. Go have a good sleep or stop by for a breakfast, after work drinks, or dinner.


    Where: Arctic Light Hotel, Valtakatu 18, 96200 Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland


    Ps. An insider tip: I just looked flights for December (I just can’t keep myself away from the best Christmas markets) and noticed it’s time to hurry up, if you plan to visit Lapland in December, especially during the holiday season. The flights are pretty expensive already, and some days fully booked even.

    I’ve been myself quite devastated that Germania didn’t continue their direct seasoned flights between Lapland and Switzerland after last winter. Those flights were kind of a selling point for me when I was thinking is it worth to move back north this winter and now I do feel a bit trapped in here (or should earn a bit more to afford the Finnair flights). However that’s just my personal catastrophe, and there are other flights still for you and me even – fewer and more expensive, but still. Just make sure you are on time when booking your trips to and from Lapland – it’s busy up here around Christmas.

    FI: Sarjassamme hyvä paikka nukkua Rovaniemellä: Arctic Light Hotel


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    Tiina Kivelä

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    This week I was Home for two nights. In other words, I stayed few nights at Hostel Cafe Koti in Rovaniemi. Fun fact: almost exactly 9 years ago I moved into a house just 50m from here. Back then, this Hostel building was a bank, and on the other side of the street, where’s now an construction site for a new apartment complex, was the coolest rock club in town, “Tivoli”. During those 9 years we’ve all gone through some major transformations indeed and except Tivoli (RIP) I think we’ve all changed to better.

    Nowadays, in Koti, a sign behind the bar says “welcome home” and I have to say I really felt like home in here. For me, it’s not just the familiarity of the town I’ve lived in for 5 years. It’s also the mix of languages, other travelers, the stylish contemporary design which still has something left of the good old days. Moreover, the staff is awesome and entrepreneurs young and innovative, so why not to love this and feel home? I chose the private twin room, since it was a work stop for me (and since I still haven’t found a flat from this town) but for the more social travelers  on tighter budget I can also recommend the dormitories, which offer both mixed and only women/men rooms.


    When in Lapland, of course a hostel has Sauna too.  Koti’s sauna is warm every evening and open for every guest without extra charges (times: women 19-20, men 20-21).  From the top floor you may also find a roof terrace called Mökki (Cabin) with wooden hot tub, bar and special events like dance lessons, live music, outdoor cinema, yoga and flea markets.

    Hostel is stylish and has a very young contemporary, even a bit hipster feeling, but don’t let it scare you, older guests like the place too and the café and terrace attracts both locals and tourists. I’d give five starts for the whole experience and if you are interested, click here for details and book your stay directly (direct booking saves you some money). I got some discount for this mention, but let me tell you I’d pay the full price anytime. So much I like feeling home away from home.

    Tiina Kivelä


    Tiina Kivelä

    FI: Hetki Kotona. Osoitteessa Hostel Café Koti, Valtakatu 21, 96200 Rovaniemi

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    Tiina KIvelä

    The flights are booked and working holiday in Lapland is waiting. Funny to go home from home; Switzerland really feels home by now, but so does Lapland, naturally. I’ve acquired myself an interesting work project to work with, and this will bring me back to the north country, for work and for a family. Even for some running and orienteering competitions, just like in the good old days.

    Up north, the plan is to work as much as possible in Rovaniemi the weeks, though there will be some remote work too (oh the benefits of a work for which I only need my laptop, WiFi, brains and connections). On the side, I’ll be caffeinating myself in the old favourites and new additions as much as can. I’ve heard there’s a roof terrace, real Italian pizza, gelato and even Mexican food happening in Rovaniemi these days. When and how did Rovaniemi become so hip? Though I don’t really mind, what might seem hipster for some will a remedy for my very likely homesickness.

    Tiina Kivelä


    I still have no apartment from the north (though lots of family and friends, one of whom would even have my old couch to sleep on) and I’ve been thinking of moving into hotel even like a real, cool digital nomad. After all, there will not be so many days and nights I’ll stay put in Rovaniemi. On the weekends, I’m gonna be a weekend warrior, travelling around and doing stuff. Fishing with dad (as long as there are not too many mosquitos), getting lost in the familiar woods and running and biking around the fells. And let’s see how well this Swiss high altitude camp has helped with my endurance and outdoor capabilities…

    Related to the work, there’s gonna be lots of Santa Claus the coming months (maybe something of him in here too), but what I really want to experience (and show in here) is how Rovaniemi and Lapland have so much more to offer than just Santa and his reindeer. So keep tuned, if you are interested in the subject. A friend even suggested I put up a vlog called Extreme Lapland of my stay up north… Well, since I have this blog already, I might sneak in some material in that theme too. But for the videos, well, GoPro, in a matter of fact I’m looking for some extra support…

    I’m also going to keep this map in here updated. Take care and see you later!


    Eräänlainen suomilomahaasteen toteutus tämäkin. Eli taskussani on nyt taas lentoliput kodista kotiin eli Sveitsistä Lappiin, näin aluksi muutamaksi elokuun viikoksi. Tarkoituksena eräänlainen working holiday, lähitöitä Rovaniemellä ja etätöitä tunturissa seikkailujen ohella. Viikot siis suurimmaksi osaksi kaupungissa; töitä, kahviloita, ravintoloita, Ounasvaaraa ja Kemijokea. Viikonloput isompia tuntureita, juoksu- ja suunnituskisoja, saunoja ja hotelleja. Ja sitten taas hieman myöhemmin vuoria, toisia kaupunkeja ja Sveitsin off-seasonia. Koska tietysti ostin menopaluuliput. Ja jätän puoli elämääni Sveitsiin.

    Hieman myöhemmin lisää siitä miten tällaisen aikalailla unelmatyötilanteeseen on päädytty ja miksi ja miten pidän toisen kodin Sveitsissä. Ehkä se jotain jopa kiinnostaakin, äidin lisäksi. (Ei, kuvioon ei edelleenkään liity miestä, vaikka mukavia ja avuliaita miekkosia onkin ystäväpiiriin eksynyt vuoden aikana aimo annos). Ja tänne ajattelin päivitellä vinkkejä ja tunnelmia Lapista, vähän tuon mainitun lomahaasteen mukaisesti. Vaikkakin näin ulkosuomalaisille vuosittainen suomiloma onkin aina ollut lähes velvollisuus, jota on harrastettu ahkerasti haasteista välittämättä.

    Yllä oleva kartta päivittyy ja täydentyy seikkailujen mukaan ja joistakin juoksu-ja suunnistuskisojen tulosluetteloistakin voi menojani seurata. Mielenkiintoista kyllä nähdä miten tämä yli vuoden pituinen korkeanpaikaleiri on vaikuttanut ns. tuloskuntoon…