an S.U.V. with two or more people is better, carbon wise, than flying. Taking a hybrid or fuel-efficient car filled with people is better still — and you should keep the speed down.

    How to Travel the Earth And Protect It, Too By Kate Galbraith, April 21, 2016 New York Times Travel 

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    Tiina Kivelä

    This week I’ve really realised how much I dislike the long, too long winters of Finland. No matter how much I like them and things related to them; snow, skiing, ice, skating, ice crystals, northern lights etc. I still think they should be a bit shorter. Or I should have the means to escape south in this point… Or for good.

    And you know what? I have a secret to break – I am leaving for good. Explains the silence here too; I’m occupied. Planning, dreaming, googling, making calculations, selling stuff. Identifying the essential and eliminating the rest. And cultivating the habit (see the following pictures).

    By far this hasn’t been a good year, but I do hope to make it better in the end.

    Tiina Kivelä

    Tiina Kivelä

    Ps. If you happen to have an excellent last minute solo tips or maybe even tickets to give, I’d be very happy to use them. In example, drinking this light rosé under a blooming tree would be just perfect. Sea view a plus.

    *Wine: Leth Zweigelt Rosé from Austria. Excellent