• 17 MAI

    Tiina Kivelä

    Hipp hipp hurra ! Gratulerer med dagen ! It’s the 17th of May, also known as the Norwegian National Day.

    On May 17 in 1814 the constitution of Norway was signed in Eidsvoll. The constitution declared Norway to be an independent kingdom and the election of Crown Prince Christian Frederik as the King of independent Norway, following Denmark-Norway’s defeat in the Napoleonic Wars.

    On a day like this I’d like to express en stor takk till Norge; to thank you, Norway, for all the great things you’re given me. For the confidence (something to do with the Viking attitude I think), for home, for great love (little did I know, when taking that picture above, of what a meaning those hoods would play in my life later on), for the life lessons (nothing worth having comes easy), for the fish and the fjells and the sea etc. And all the experiences and great people I wouldn’t have met without you. You’re expensive, but definitely worth it. I must have been Norwegian in my previous life (well, our whole outdoors and nordic skiing crazy family could be).

    Staying true to the theme of this spring, my initial plan to spend 17. Mai in Norway didn’t work out in the end (so my only 17th of May experience this far is the one 4 years ago in Trondheim – it was raining cats and dogs, I had high fever and the next morning I left Trondheim and haven’t been back since; personally not very cheerful one, but still one of the best happenings I’ve ever experienced). Nevertheless, thinking fondly of Norway and celebrating the day some way or other – maybe make a kveldstur and enjoy akvavit.

    And that nostalgia trip to Trondheim is still coming; just postponed it a bit. It didn’t happen now but it will happen, sooner or later, after which I’ll share with you my favorites of that city. So stay tuned, take care and remember to celebrate, whatever the reason! And go to Norway. Always go.

    There’s just something about Norway.

    Tiina Kivelä

    Quote: Hurtigruten

  • BLOG

    Tiina Kivelä

    Sorry for the whine, but since I’m not Beyonce I can’t make LEMONADE when life gives me lemons*. So I’ll just whine like this.

    Sometimes they all break on the same time and now’s the sad sometimes. List of broken things: iPhone, 2x bike, eyes (one can say eyes are broken when ones need new glasses / contact lenses to really see with them, right?), watch and running shoes (I guess they are broken when one has run “too much” with them – this month 100km, krhm).

    Luckily bike’s being fixed by someone else, parents sponsor the watch (birthday coming up soon, krhm II) and iPhone would also be sponsored if only they’d sell the [SE] in Finland already (the time it takes for those to arrive this part of the world really makes Finland part of the Eastern, not Weastern Europe, imo.). And the running shoes… Well, other three pairs have to substitute while the broken pair waits a sponsor to emerge from somewhere.

    And top of everything the weather… Oh it’s so british! Cold rain, day after day.

    I really need that getaway. And maybe a dollar or do for all that’s broken.

    Tiina Kivelä

    * Well I make creamy lemon pasta… And if I’d have the means I’d make sima too, since it’s that time of the year in Finland.