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    My decision to visit Milan a few weeks back came last minute, so I didn’t really plan or decide what to do before I was there. But what a good last minute decision it was to go there for a few nights, just in the dawn of Milan Fashion Week 2016. I got some great tips from a girl from Milan (soon to be my colleague) and want to share them with you too (see after pictures). Unfortunately this time I didn’t have the time to try all of the tips I was given, but I’m sure I’ll visit the city many times from now on. That lovely it was, and not the “too busy and too expensive” place, as many of my other acquaintances warned me. Brussels trained me well I guess…

    And if you have visited Milan or other cool places in Northern Italy, free to share your tips in the comments and ask further questions about mine. I’m happy to answer and also hear what to not miss around here, as Italian weekend getaways are so easy to do from Switzerland. But coming back to Milan, I’d especially like to hear your best hotel tips for Milan. This time the accommodation was my weakest link, so next time I really want to try something better. So if you have any good design/boutique hotel tips from there, they are more than welcome.




    Afternoon & Apero & Evenings:


    *Edit. As some of you may have noticed, I’ve started to experiment with Instagram stories. While I like to keep my Snapchat at least semi-private (public stories, but only accepting friends I already know in real life, that is) I’m now trying to use Instagram stories to show more of my daily life, less filtered & curated than my basic Instagram feed. Feel free to follow and comment, as there will be more of my travel & daily routines there. 

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    Life lately. Nothing special. I’ve many times joked that next thing I’ll do is a strategic plan. For a “company” called personal life (of mine). Inspired by all those marketing classes I’ve taken (and during the most boring moments of which I’ve been rather wondering the life of an undergrad and not the life of a company x’s). Well, it’s been a joke, but now is the time to do it, for real.* Because why not? Personal life is something to which all those theories are easiest (and kinda motivating also) to apply into. And with which to test those. Personal life’s the only thing you, alone, are 100% in charge of (well ok, only if and when you don’t have a private company). The only thing in which you, and you only, enjoy and/or suffer all the positive and negative outcomes.



    You may wonder why right now. Why so serious with this? Why not continue with joking? Well, because yesterday I answered with “nothing special” to a question what I’ve been doing lately.  I’ve been doing nothing special. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is not ok. Not for this long. Life’s too precious thing to waste with nothing special. Rather than nothing special, I wanna do something special. Something meaningful. In between of which nothing special. But only in between. Not 24/7.



    I can’t tell I’m far yet. But I’m working on it. Of course there’s gonna be SWOT analysis. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. And so on. There will also be those things which I hate doing but which I know are good for me. Or well, I don’t actually hate them, but they are the things I’d rather skip from doing, if I didn’t know how they help me to get somewhere or which wouldn’t teach me so much. Or if I could do it more pleasantly.



    Like running, in this weather. Sleet, ice, slush, cars which almost drive over you, the famous Puijo stairs… It’s not as nice it would be to run alpine trails. Or California beaches. But if and when I get there, this will pay of. Builds up the character too. Makes the nothing special special. And btw, did you know that aerobic exercise, such as running, has positive effects on brain structure and function and learning? (source). It’s not easy, but its worth it.


    And this life in general right now. Ok, but not good enough. Eating, sleeping, casual yoga, reading, writing. Waiting and dreaming of, better times and special someone. Skiing. Eat. Sleep. Ski. Repeat. That’s what I would like to do with all this time I have. And that’s a reminder I got yesterday, hidden in a very nice package**. As a kick in the ass. I’m not there yet, but I’m working on it. And taking the hints.



    A woman has to have goals. A life plan. The strategic plan. Realistic, but also big enough. Crazy enough. And you should know that the crazy is upon you. Even eating can be crazy if you want it to be. And sleeping too. Just think about camping. Camper vans… Sleeping under open sky. And skiing. Just think freeskiing. And watch Freeride World Tour.

    This here was something special (Pyhätunturi, midsummer 2014). Let’s get inspired by this. Let’s dream about this. Until next time.



    * Including Plan B. I if someone know that plan B will most likely be thing you end up going through, since life happens and Plan A’s just doesn’t seem to be for me. Things didn’t go as planned but that’s ok.

    ** This is a free ad, but can’t help it – I just love companies who do not use plastic bags. The responsible, caring, innovative, and well, Swedish ones. So I have to admit I was quite satisfied fan girl when I got these things I had ordered last week (merino underwear and warm beanie, just so you know) from Peak Performance, nicely packed in cardboard boxes and old school envelopes. And even more satisfied I’ll be when I finally get to ski in those long johns. Winter, come back to Finland!