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    Last weeks haven’t been the easiest, I have to say. From the sunny warm days like in the picture^ the life has quickly turned into much darker and colder, metaphorically and realistically speaking. I’ve been sick, I’ve had too much to do, and I’ve made few silly mistakes and experienced too many drawbacks. Also my optimistic tendency to trust people and think the best of them has led me to quite too many disappointments. Not to mention what’s generally happening around the world these days.

    But then I went to Munich and reconnected with these amazing people. Professional, honest, humble, brave and daring women & men, who kick ass and still are the most loving and lovable as they can be. They use their full potential and push others to do the same. And they do these amazing films and care about other people.

    Thank you for returning my trust to humankind.

    On the day of departure I walked in to the shop and bought these^ Patagonia Refugitive pants for future alpine skitours & adventures (found from the department “expeditions”, krhm). Bought then thinking that no matter what some people say and no matter how I fail in so many things, no matter how messed up the world generally is, skiing is something I’m good at, and in the mountains it’s always good to be. Challenging, but rewarding. And skiing is something I love doing. Especially in pants made by people who also do what they love & also care about so many things. Who always push for something better. That’s the kind of people I like and want to work for.

    And now I just can’t wait for the season to start and to put these pants to action. I still have so much to learn and I’m expecting many challenging days in the mountains. It’s already snowing in the mountain villages like Mürren nearby, and I have good friends to ski with. Winter is coming and I’m ready.

    Tiina Kivelä

    So… I’m not really sure what I’m trying to say here, except that things are probably (hopefully) gonna change soon here.

    Oh and the Munich comments. Well. Shades of Winter women kicked ass and the film & event was great, but from BMW Welt, which acted as the venue for the Worl Premiere,  it wasn’t the most impressive performance, unfortunately.  Somehow they had thogh (or well maybe the other way, haven’t really thought at all) that it would be good idea to situate the women toilets outside in containers, while men could enjoy the indoor toilets. After all, “Between” was all woman skifilm & I’ve thought BMW wants to support and speak to us women especially these days, through these sponsorships & promotions. Therefore it was kind odd of them to not pay attention to these details; opportunity lost, so to speak.

    And again no accommodation tips, unfortunately. I know, I really should do something to get back to the “I can afford living in nice hotels in nice safe areas” category. I really don’t like the fact that we had to take taxi back to the hostel because we didn’t feel safe walking around that area… And for me to feel that way, the area needs to be extra shady.

    Last, to put shortly this short October but not Octoberfest trip; great shopping (and even a little climbing & via ferrata) at Schuster & highsteerts, bretzels and coffee from main railway station & U-Bahn stations, film, cars and events (for men, krhm.) in BMW Welt, partying at Die Registratur* and not so great accommodation near Hauptbahnhof. And also one “stuck alone in non-moving metro & no idea what’s happening” moments. Luckily didn’t have time to think then about the events this year, in these European cities…

    Ps. Mom, I promise to keep on taking care of myself the best way I can.

    Between Tiina Kivelä


    Die Registratur Müllerstraße 42, 80469 München, Saksa*

    Schuster & other good shops in & around Rosenstraße

    *Pro tip: on the way there & back, between Sendlinger Tor U-Bahn & the bar, stop at the tiny pizza slice place. Best & fastest on the go pizza I’ve ever had.

    Kävin Münchenissä moikkaamassa tuttuja, juomassa ja syömässä, juhlimassa poisnukkuneiden kunniaksi, inspiroitumassa ja ostamassa hiihtohousut.

    Oli hyvä reissu.

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    Tiina Kivelä

    EN: My decision to visit Milan few weeks back came last minute, so I didn’t really plan or decide what to do before I was there. But what a good last minute decision it was to go there for a few nights, just in the dawn of Milan Fashion Week 2016. I got some great tips from a girl from Milan (soon to be my colleague) and want to share them with you too (see after pictures). Unfortunately this time I didn’t have the time to try all of the tips I was given, but I’m sure I’ll visit the city many times from now on. That lovely it was, and not the “too busy and too expensive” place, as many of my other acquaintances warned me. Brussels trained me well I guess…

    And if you have visited Milan or other cool places in Northern Italy, free to share your tips in the comments and ask further questions about mine. I’m happy to answer and also hear what to not miss around here, as Italian weekend getaways are so easy to do from Switzerland. But coming back to Milan, I’d especially like to hear your best hotel tips for Milan. This time the accommodation was my weakest link, so next time I really want to try something better. So if you have any good design / boutique hotel tips from there, they are more than welcome.




    Afternoon & Apero & Evenings:


    *Edit. As some of you may have noticed, I’ve started to experiment with Instagram stories. While I like to keep my Snapchat at least semi-private (public stories, but only accepting friends I already know in real life, that is) I’m now trying to use Instagram stories to show more of my daily life, less filtered & curated than my basic Instagram feed. Feel free to follow and comment, as there will be more of my travel & daily routines there. 


    Pari viikkoa sitten vietin ensimmäistä lomaviikkoani yli vuoteen ja loman kunniaksi otin n. kolmen tunnin EC -junan Interlakenista Milanoon. Päätös matkasta syntyi viime hetkillä, joten en oikeastaan suunnitellut mitään muuta kuin nauttia hetken muotiviikkoon valmistautuvasta kaupungista ja sen kahvista, ruoasta ja muodista. Olen onnekseni ehtinyt viimeisen kuukauden aikana kuitenkin tutustua ystävälliseen milanolaiseen, tulevaan kollegaani, jolta sainkin rutkasti vinkkejä kaupunkiin. Tällä kertaa en ehtinyt kokea niistä kuin muutaman, mutta koska jokainen oli todella hyvä kokemus, aion ehdottomasti palata kaupunkiin paremmalla ajalla kokemaan myös muut kaupungin ihmeet.

    Tässä alla myös teille muille jakoon ensimmäiset testatut vihjeeni, millä pitäisi onnistua viettämään ainakin yksi, ellei kaksi, erinomaista päivää Milanossa. Gelatokioskeja tai espressobaareja en sattuneista syistä kirjaa tähän erikseen. Niitä kun löytyy lähes joka kulmalta, ja ainakaan itse en onnistunut vielä törmäämään yhteenkään huonoon kahvikupposeen* tai gelatoannokseen. Lisävinkkejä saa myös kysymällä, maililla tai kommenteissa. Ja mikäli olet jo käynyt Milanossa ja erityisesti mikäli olet onnistunut löytämään kaupungista erinomaisen hotellin, jaathan vinkkisi kommenteissa kiitos. Majoitus oli tällä matkallani heikoin lenkki, ja seuraavalla kerralla haluaisin yöpyä jossakin mukavassa ja tyylikkäässä hotellissa.






    *Pieni opas italialaiseen kahvilakulttuuriin: maksa kahvi kassalle, pidä kuitti ja esitä se tiskillä. Nauti seisten ja vaihda kenties muutama sana kanssakahvittelijoiden tai henkilökunnan kanssa. Äläkä suostu maksanaan espresso kupista euroa enempää. 

    **Nykyisin matkojani voi seurata mukavasti Instagram Stories’n avulla. Siinä missä pidän edelleen Snapchattini semi-yksityisenä, eli hyväksymällä kavereiksi vain ystäviä, voi Instagramin kautta nyt seurata hieman “arkisempaa” tarinaa päivistäni.