New town, new rivers, same old restless feet. On Friday I said goodbye to Interlaken, for a while at least. The period between summer of ’16 and summer of ’17th was definitely one the best periods of my life, which taught me a lot and left me with many great experiences and memories.  But nothing lasts forever, and so I packed my stuff again on Friday. Parted it into storage (thanks friends for your help again) and into my loyal duffel bags, which I then carried in train to Zürich, for my July residence. Many times, people wonder why I need so many bags for different purposes. But again it proved good to have a climbing back for my mountaineering gear, a trekking bag for my trekking gear, ski bag and ski back bag for ski and avalanche security gear.  And the city handbag for urban exploration, of course. Though high heels I seem to have dropped off my wardrobe altogether. No need for them in here.

It was an incredible, humbling and intensive year in Interlaken. I met amazing people, got an interesting start-up experience and learned that wild things should be free, always. Switzerland is a good country for me, and the Alps especially.  I fell in love, with the mountains and quality of life (cheese, you’ll not be forgotten either). There are things I would do differently now though – I’d start learning the language right away, and I’d let go easier when there’d be no good reason to hold on anymore. But I don’t regret a thing. It’s incredible what other cultures and foreign countries can teach you, but even more, it’s been the mountains and nature in general, which has impressed me the most. Teaching the best lessons and making me want to learn so much more (serious mountaineering, I’m ready).

And yes you see right, the legs are bruised. And I have tanned skin and sun-bleached hair which hasn’t seen hairdresser in one and a half year. I have also more muscles and more strength, both mentally and physically. And again, I have my stuff all over the place, in storage in here and in Finland, in bags and friends’ place, waiting for the moment I again find a base camp to settle in, with everything I can’t let go of. It’s all messy but that’s alright. Perfect is boring.


Even after a year in here, every time I board a train and travel somewhere in Switzerland, I’m amazed by the experience. The travel infrastructure, SBB & PostAuto, I love you for bringing me and my stuff, my skis and my bike, to the greatest adventures ever, and especially making sure the tired me makes it back home safely in the end of the day. And then there are the high mountains with their snowy peaks and glaciers and green meadows with their cows and goats. The highlands and lowlands, lush fields and the colours after rain and sky just before a storm. The gloomy foggy days, when the clouds are hugging the mountains tightly; when it seems like the fog is the way for mountains to breathe. The villages with their church towers aiming high, but never even close as high as the mountains. And the towns and cities, organised, clean and international. It’s the life in between which fascinates me most, the journey to find out what’s on the other side, and after a good amount of mountains, it’s time to try the life in destination called Zürich.

Never lived here before, and in a matter of fact never been here longer than few hours at a time, so when the opportunity came (in a form of saved money and holiday season – no Mr. investment banker on sight still, unfortunately) I decided to try this quality of life too. In July I’ll also start working with some interesting new projects which will eventually bring be back to Lapland even (then the song, from which the name for this site comes from, will become even more accurate, heh).  Moving on, but also moving back.

Zürich tips will follow, as well as the stories from Andalusia and Alps waiting for editing. Maybe something more about the work, in the past and in the future, and about how to keep up with this lifestyle and with as many adventures and outdoor hours without sponsors deals. Keep tuned, take care and please, be as brave as I’ve been. It’s scary to jump into something new and unfamiliar,  but after I’ve done that close to million times myself I’d say that embracing the change and freedom has been the best I’ve ever done. And there’s never anything wrong with new perspectives.

Everything I was writing was actually a way of trying to reconnect with other human beings when you’re always in transit.

Thom Yorke, Rolling Stone

Tiina Kivelä

I learned this, at least, by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavours to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

― Henry David Thoreau, Walden: Or, Life in the Woods

FI:  Uusi kaupunki, uusi joki, vanhat levottomat jalat. Perjantaina pakkasin tavarani kasoihin, jotka jaoin edelleen ystävien asunnon, varaston ja omissa käsissäni kantaneiden duffelbagien varaan, ja otin junan Zürichiin. Oli aika hyvästellä yksi aikakausi ja suunnata kohti heinäkuuta Zürichissä. Kesän 2016 ja 2017 välinen aika Interlakenissa oli yksi parhaista ja opettavaisimmista elämässäni; intensiivinen, haastava mutta niin ihana. Päivääkään en vaihtaisi pois, vaikkakin ehkä muutaman asian tekisin toisin (lapset, menkää sille kielikurssille heti eikä sitten joskus, ja etsikää se siisti asunto ennen kuin on liian myöhäistä).

En ole koskaan aiemmin asunut Zürichissä, ja vieraillutkin kaupungissa vain muutaman kerran muutaman tunnin kerrallaan. Mutta olen haaveillut siitä useammin kuin kerran, ja kun tilanne säästöjen, lomakauden ja työpaikan muutoksen johdosta tuli mahdolliseksi (ei ole sitä investointipankkiirimiestä vielä näkynyt, valitettavasti tai onneksi), päätin kokeilla tätäkin maailman parhaaksi kehuttua elämänlaatua. Pikkuhiljaa sormet naputtelevat myös uusien työprojektien parissa ja yrityksenä on kokeilla todellista diginomadin elämää muutama kuukausi. Mutta ennen sitä kuukausi Zürichiä ja satunnaisia vierailuja vuorille. En ole hetkeen asunut suuressa kaupungissa ja tavoitteena on myös kokeilla miten tämä taas onnistuu; hieman aiempaa pidemmät siirtymät lenkkipoluille ja maastopyöräreiteille, puhumattakaan niistä alppien huiputuksista. Mutta sitten toisaalta, saan vuorten tilalle kahvilat, museot, kaupat ja toiset ihmiset. Uuden joen, uudet järvet ja uimapaikat, sekä asunnon ilman sotkuisia kämppiksiä.

Tulossa on Zürich vinkkejä (kartan kokoaminen alkoi jo alla) ja editoidut jutut espanjan ja alppien kesäseikkailuista. Ehkä myös hieman enemmän juttua työkuvioista, menneistä ja nykyisistä. Siitä millaista on työskennellä kansainvälisessä startupissa Sveitsissä ja miten maksimoida aika vuorilla ja ulkona ja matkoilla ilman sponsoreita. Pysykää linjoilla siis jos nämä kiinnostavat, ja kertokaa toki jos haluatte minun kirjoittavan jostakin aiheesta tarkemmin. Kesälomia pukkaa, joten aikaa lukemiselle on varmaankin enemmän, kuten minulla kirjoittamiselle.