You know the feeling? Finally, after almost a week of flu, you find enough energy (enough, but not much really) to go to the supermarket and buy all those healthy things, like citrus fruits and everything organic. And thank whatever ‘your preferred god‘ for that sun ! Hello vitamin D and fake Ray-Bans, you’ve been missed!

In this situation, health is interesting. More interesting than anything else. Except the action; to be healthy again. To feel alive, goddammit (pardon my french) ! And it seems to feel alive is also the theme taking rounds in my head now. There in that corner where all that “inspiration” and “what the hell I’m going to do with my life” is happening. Or should happen. The last days there’s mostly been ache… But it’s changing. The better days must there, waiting, to the right behind the next corner.

The sun. Leather jackets. Road trips. Sea No, lets be brave now and but an ocean there. Dream big, remember! Sail boats. White. Blue. Healthy, strong, capable bodies. And minds. Pictures. New skills and tricks. The great unknown. Beach waves. Waves in general. Carrot cakes.

Yes, a carrot cake. That’s the ultimate health snack now; in the making in my kitchen. Comfort food.

It’s Sunday after all.